Keep Mormons in your prayers

LDS church has made public their policy to deny children of same sex couples baptism and other rites until at least the age of majority. And even then, they must disavow their parents relationship etc etc.

If you google it, you will find it. Or go to any of the local UT media sites (,, KUTV. com etc)

Many Mormons, even TBMs, are being scandlized by this.
They need prayers.

At first hearing this I was a bit taken aback. After considering it for a while and a few of the potential reasons it made more sense.

In any case, prayers are always welcome :thumbsup:

Kids being punished for the sins of their parents does not make sense to me.
And what about those kids whose parents are divorced and one is in a gay relationship.

The damage done to a child who is not only marginalized but forced to renounce a parent is a trauma that most have not even thought about.

‘Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not for such is the kingdom of heaven’

Unless they are Mormon of course. Then keep them away.
So damaging. So unChrist-like.

This is not about families. At. All.

Praying for the children.

The harm, the wedge, that this will cause children is beyond stunning.

Parents who are divorced, and one of then now in a same sex relationship, yet share custody, and other real life scenerios,

I just can’t believe how poor this policy is. What it’s going to do to children. Innocent children.
How could they have not thought this thru?? The harm. The deep deep harm, this will cause.

“Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of God”

He didnt say, make them wait until they are adults.

Considering almost all Christian religions that believe in the Trinity (including both the Catholic and Episcopal Churches) don’t recognize Mormon baptism to begin with…

You are missing the point.

It’s about the kids.

Say a child is of divorced parents, one is in a same sex relationship, and the parents share custody. One parent is TBM and when the child is with that parent, they attend Mormon services etc etc. The child turns 8. The child will not be able to be baptized even though it’s peers will be. They will be forced to wait until they are of the age of majority. A wedge is placed between the child and the other parent.

People tend to forget how kids think, how they feel. How loyal they are to their parent. The trauma kids experience when they are forced to chose between parents etc etc

This isnt about how adults emotionally internalize situations. It’s about how kids do.

I have friends who are in this situation. All this will do is divide families and upset children who are not able to be baptized when all their friends are.

I find it hypocritical that this policy applies to children with a homosexual parent but not a cohabitating parent.

Great point. What about those kids who have a parent who is cohabitating and share custody? Why are they not forced to wait to the age of majority??

(and lets not get started on having to petition the 1st Presidency…Oy vey)

Hypocritical in spades.

Who thought this thru??? Who sat down, took the time to really think this thru???

Yes, there’s a wedge, just like there is a wedge when we as Catholics tell children that their parents “marital union” is not a valid marriage and that even their relationship goes against Church teaching.

Would you say we are hurting the kids by teaching truth?

If you understood the false teachings of the mormon church and how it relates to a life where families are sealed together etc. you’d understand more.

We should be rejoicing that more children will have to question their faith and the LDS teachings and hopefully through the questioning come to know the truth of the Lord.

You know the Catholic Church won’t baptize children either unless the parents agree to raise them in the faith. That should include teaching them that same sex marriage is wrong.

Upset children that are being indoctrinated with false teachings. What do you think Jesus would have to say about that?

Should we be encouraging more children be indoctrinated with false teachings, so we don’t upset them?

I think you should be more worried about what the false teachings could do to that child’s soul as they get deeper into a religion.

Why, not look at this as a blessing in disguise for those children who will not be baptized into a false religion?

Honestly I’m still not seeing the issue. Yes the child won’t be able to be fully indoctrinated into the Mormon church (just as their gay parent also isn’t welcome in the Mormon church). I’m failing to see how not being indoctrinated into Mormonism which doesn’t want their other parent as an adherent can be considered a bad thing. I mean the child will grow up basically non-Mormon not being able to partake in any of the Mormon indoctrination, and far more likely to be open to the other parent’s religion (hopefully some form of Christianity).

Frankly I find this better than the alternative which would be baptizing the child the non-Christian Mormon Church (Catholicism’s view of it mind you) and then having them baptized Mormon and have said religion basically undermine one of the parents and teach the child that their parent is evil. Both are unfortunately situations, but frankly the Mormon Church just forced what I feel is the better of the two alternatives through their actions.

As for the kids feeling left out… they’ll get over it. Going to Catholic School we had a couple of non-Catholics in my class who were left out of First Reconciliation, First Communion, etc… They got over being left out real fast because ultimately most kids don’t really understand what they’re being taught all that much anyway.

Is this true?


Indeed. But it’s not unprecedented. Most churches aren’t keen to baptize children if the parents aren’t members or at least promise to raise the child in the faith. Nor are churches fond of baptizing kids in general unless both parents agree including the RCC.

Canon law (Canon 868) also requires that for an infant to be baptized licitly:

"1. the parents or at least one of them or the person who legitimately takes their place must consent.

“2. there must be a founded hope that the infant will be brought up in the Catholic Religion; if such hope is altogether lacking, the baptism is to be delayed according to the prescripts of particular law after the parents have been advised about the reason.”

Originally Posted by heart4home View Post
You know the Catholic Church won’t baptize children either unless the parents agree to raise them in the faith.

Yes & No. The parents, or at least one of them, must agree to do their best to raise the children in the Catholic faith. Baptism is not denied just delayed until the parents are better able to understand what baptism is.

Oh I understand mormon theology. Lived it breathed it etc etc for many years.

Will boys who have been baptized now be refused the aaronic priesthood if they have a gay parent in a relationship?

Seriously, this has not been thought thru.
I get it more than those who have never been mormon get it

Wait wait wait.
How do you know that they wont be fully indoctrinated?
Example: Child born to LDS parents. Parents divorce, father comes out as gay, enters a gay marriage. Child is raised (or even shared custody) with TBM mom. Goes to Primary, is taught to be a Mormon. Reaches the age of 8. Their primary friends are of the same age and are going to be baptized.

But this child can not be.

You guys are not thinking of the bigger implication of varioius scenerios.
You guys are thinking , so it seems, of only ONE scenerio, of there is a gay couple and their child is wanting to become Mormon.

This has not been thought thru

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