Keep politically active and pray for Australia pls

Hey all. Please pray for Australia. This is a tough spot for them. But let it be a reminder for us to keep active politically. Make your voice heard. This could happen anywhere.

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And remember to pray for the priests there, too. May God be with them and keep them strong through this attack on our Church.


Disturbing on many levels, especially that the Australian government feels the need to do this in the first place.

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I put this in our lap too tbh. I think the sex abuse scandal sure hurt us. But the faithful I think stand by and watch things too often, expecting someone else to do something. I did the March for Life recently and we had a good crowd tbh, and it’s growing! It was a hugely inspiring event.

But for everyone on the bus we took up there imho there could have been 4 more easily in my parish. But people are often too concerned about being uncomfortable, taking a socially unpopular opinion, or even missing a football game than standing for truth and faith. Things slowly erode this way. It’s a spiritual acedia and indifference which I think the laity needs to help address.

A rosary a day can have massive impacts, or whatever prayer you like. A letter to your congressman. A small stand to your boss or school administrator saying, “I don’t agree with this and don’t feel I can participate in good conscience.” These can really add up.

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Utah is trying to do the same thing.

who you vote for matters,

those who don’t see the left as being against religion aren’t paying attention

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