Keep the Faith, Change the Church

My sister in law, who is not a catholic, just sent my wife (her sister) who just became a catholic 6 months ago the book ,Keep the Faith, Change the Church, by James Muller and Charles Kenney. I was wondering if anyone has read the book. My inlaw could be well intended or she may be trying to inject some anti catholic teaching here. Thanks.

A quick search on this title on Amazon says it’s a book by Voice of the Faithful. From what I was able to read, it’s a book (in my opinion) about how to make the Catholic Church protestant. I would steer clear.

Voice of the Faithful is one of those kooky (for lack of a better word) women’s ordination groups.

If you’re orthodox Catholic, I’d steer clear.

I checked out their website

They started as a result of the sexual abuse scandals. Their motivation is to prevent further abuse, but some of their ideas are questionable. They seem to want to turn the Church into a democracy, except for the teaching Magisterium.

They are associated with SNAP, an association which seems to have evolved from a group for publicizing the abuse to a group trying to screw as much money as possible from the Church.

They endorse, in their reading lists, such heterodox authors as Hans Kung and Richard McBrien.

They also refer a lot to “the vision of Vatican II,” which makes me wonder.

It does look as if they support the ordination of women and gays:

On issue after issue, including the treatment of women in the Church, and the treatment of gays and lesbians, we must be prepared to stand as individuals and speak clearly on issues of justice, if our consciences so dictate.
…we began to believe that the issue of women’s ordination could become the catalytic issue that will engage the broader laity in our work.

They make some good points about problems within the Church, but then come up with bad solutions.

My personal opinion only.



Agreed. There’s problems, but do we really need to go that far?

Stay clear of anything having to do with the voice of the faithful. They have an agenda based on bad theology and anit-christian principles. They also are evasive about answering questions defining there core beliefs.

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