Keeping away from possessed people


I know a couple of people who have either been exposed to evil, and one who is friends with a possessed person. I try to keep away from them, but does this mean I have to sit many tables away from them? To what extent do I have to keep away? I have a great phobia of demons and this can cause great anxiety.


You don’t catch demonic possession like the flu from just being around people eating lunch or whatever, as long as you’re not doing occult activities with them. You should just pray to Jesus every day (also Mary and St. Michael) to keep you safe and ask God to please help you get over this phobia of yours. Then go about your business.

I can understand why if you thought someone was not a good companion, you might not want to hang out with them at a table, but you don’t have to go sit on the other side of the room either.


Thank you. I should probably consult a priest too.


The idea that a Christian who is in a state of Grace can be possessed is simply astounding. No amount of proof will convince people otherwise.


ok how do you know this person is possessed,

we are all exposed to evil, where are you going to run? Run to Jesus


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