Keeping Close to The Faith in The World


How do you keep close to the faith when your amidst the world (working, shopping,…)?


It’s not easy. I work weird hours and have a family and lots of cares and worries that distract my attention away from Our Lord.
But here’s what I do:

I pray a quick prayer of thanksgiving in the morning when I get up.
I pray the rosary while driving in my car (my oratory!)
I pray the Divine mercy chaplet before bed.
On my days off I attend daily Mass (doesn’t happen often)
Try to get to confession once a month.
And I’m in one bible study at my parish with some absolutely lovely ladies!


Think of telephone poles and a sagging telephone line.

We need to prop up ourselves using more poles…more approaches to God during the day and week.

We need to pray more…not necessarily formal prayers…though formal/vocal prayers (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father) help get us started…but also short aspirations (My Lord and My All, Have mercy on me, a sinner, Come Lord Jesus, etc.) and also we need to learn how to turn our work and tasks into a form of prayer, asking Our Lord to help us offer Him this or that work.

Pray at meals.

Do a short exam at night.

Avoid negativity…most news, gossip. Keep the tank clean.


I pray every day. I have certain prayers I say daily and I try to say the Rosary daily.
And just talk to Jesus and Mary and saints throughout the day.
I try to go to daily Mass a couple of weekdays each week in addition to Sunday.
Sometimes if I have a day off I can spend a large part of the day praying, like a few hours.
I go to Adoration about once a week. And sometimes to a prayer group if I’m in the state where the ones I know meet regularly.

I also am trying to read the Bible regularly (like a couple times a week for a half hour each time) using a Bible reading plan I got from the Internet. I’ve read the Bible all the way through before, trying to do it again.
And read more books about the saints and church history and other Catholic subjects.

Doing more special faith things like visit shrines, or Marian consecration (I’m doing that now), or retreats.
I do the First Fridays and the First Saturdays.
Donate regularly to charities - I was doing this before but trying to step it up - and increase my Church giving as well.
And work hard on forgiving my enemies, turning the other cheek, not being prideful…

I have a lot of years to make up for where I basically wasn’t paying much of any attention to God, so I’m kind of trying to make up for lost time by doing a lot right now. Not sure how well I’m doing it, but at least I’m doing something.


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