Keeping Holy The Sabbath?

I know that we’re supposed to go to Mass and actually participate and pay attention, but what does it mean to keep it holy? Are there certain things that would make it not holy? I’m scrupulous and feel worried that I might do something that doesn’t make it holy, meaning that anything I want to do that’s fun or relax seems wrong then.

Also, is working/exercising on Sunday a mortal sin if you want to do those things?

See the Catechism, 2185 - 2188.

Sports and exercise on Sundays are generally okay in moderation, if you find them relaxing and refreshing. Work should be avoided unless it is necessary. If you’re not sure whether it qualifies as “necessary,” ask your priest.

The same applies to holy days of obligation.

By the way, the Sabbath is Saturday; its ceremonial observance has been replaced by that of Sunday.

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