Keeping the faith in college


I was asked to speak to a confirmation class (8th graders) about life in college as a Catholic. I’m not really sure what to talk about. I kind of feel like it’s irrelevent because they are not quite at the age of really caring about college life and thinking about life after high school…
Any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m sort of thinking about doing some kind of activity before/during/after talking. I have a 2 hours to fill.
Thanks! :slight_smile:


Maybe tell them about your experiences, the transition, challenges you faced and how your faith fitted in with it all. If you have 2 hrs - have they seen the old Fatima movie? Put on a sausage sizzle and have some fun too.

Good luck with your talk.:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


This booklet may help:

Things you might touch on:
*]Getting involved with the Catholic campus ministry (Newman Center, etc.)
*]The importance of choosing good friends
*]The temptations they will encounter
*]It’s an opportunity to make their commitment to the faith their own (not just doing it because their parents make them)
*]The importance of daily prayer
*]The importance of the Sacraments (especially frequent Eucharist and Confession)
*]Dating vs. courtship and other dating and chastity issues
*]The importance of knowing your faith well enough to be able to defend it (and hold on to it) when people of other faiths (and people of no faith) challenge it — basic apologetics

Above all, pray to the Holy Spirit as you prepare your talk and just before you give it. Good luck!


Perhaps some research would help in prep for 2 hours of teaching. An interesting talk my be taking a look at the difference between being a Catholic at a secular college and a Catholic at a nominally Catholic school and a Catholic at a Catholic school that strongly adheres to the church’s positions on things. I know many students who have had a good experience at each type of school, but each school required a different type of plan to keep their faith strong.

For instance, TX A&M has a fantastic college outreach at a parish near campus. They turn out amazing young Catholics on fire with their faith. Franciscan U. in Ohio also seems to turn out some amazing young adults, but they have more resources available right on their campus since it is Catholic. There are also public/private schools where there is minimal support for a Catholic student who wants to stay involved in “parish” life.

I also agree with the OP that 8th grade may be a bit early to talk about choosing a college because who would retain that info until 11th grade when they really start scouting colleges.


I would have to agree that 8th grade is too early to talk about life in college. I teach a high school confirmation class (they are confirmed at 16ish) and even for them I think it’s difficult for them to think about because they’re still focused (more like worried) on getting into college (I’m 24 so it’s still pretty fresh in my head).

That being said, topics that I recommend talking about are:

  1. how do I find my place in our Church? - i.e. what ministries are available for them to join, either right after Confirmation or in the near future
  2. being Catholic without the parents - what it’s like being independently responsible for your faith and not having parents drag you to Church every Sunday
  3. Church as home - even if you happen to stray sometime in your life, the Church is your home, and God (and your brothers and sisters in Christ) will always be here to welcome you home


Ok, so I was mistaken…I am going to talk to students who have already been confirmed. It’s a youth group for those who are beyond confirmation, but still in high school (like I said, they’re confirmed in 8th grade).
Thank you for all of your suggestions! I am doing this tonight (Sunday, Feb. 15th), so please pray that it goes well.


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