Keeping the paschal candle alight


I understand that there is a shield that can be attached to the new paschal candle so that it doesn’t get blown out in the procession from the holy fire to the church. I can’t find one for sale in any of the UK church supplies catalogues. Does anyone know where I can get one? It’s now less than 10 weeks to the Easter Vigil :eek: and if I have to order one from the USA, I need to do it now.


Are you talking about a ‘draft resistant candle follower’, the kind with the Pyrex tube that extends upwards from the follower to protect the flame?

Something like this (see bottom photo):


We have this issue at my diocese’s cathedral, where the paschal candle has to pass through a street that easily turns into a wind tunnel while being processed into the church.

I’ve never seen something sold especially to protect it, but the rector of the cathedral took a piece of firm, but flexible clear plastic, and taped it so that it can be placed around the frame. The plastic shield is placed on immediately after the candle is lit, and removed as soon as it’s in the church.


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