Keith Ellison domestic violence accuser says Democratic party doesn't believe


Keith Ellison domestic violence accusation / Minnesota AG race (continued)


I wonder if Senator Hirono, or feminist leaders support Karen Monahan’s right to be heard?


These kinds of allegations in the political arena are inherently not believable because everything is driven by political machinations: from the initial release (here timed to be three days before election* day) to politicians’ reactions (you are required to support if it’s the other party and minimize/ignore if it’s yours).

  • Note: in the race for Minnesota AG, the Democratic primary is effectively the election. No Republican has won since 1966.

Of all of the “November” dirty tricks, this one is especially implausible, as they claim there is video proving it, but they refuse to release the video. C’mon…

BTW, I say this as someone who strongly dislikes Ellison and will certainly be casting a symbolic vote against him in November. But even more so, I dislike partisanship and I refuse to ignore the obvious based on my rooting loyalties.


I believe the race though, is currently in a dead heat or as the article says, Ellison has a slight lead. Ellison represented the district where most of the Somali Muslims live. True, others live there too. A lot of people are resentful of some of the immigration into the state. This is not a typical DFL shoe-in. This is not a district race but statewide.


Their might be a paper trail with Ellison, they are suing to get his divorce records released.

Also, I am not sure he even has a lawyer’s license in Minnesota.

This is only from 2017, so I admit, this is not totally persuasive, it is still something.


I think it caught fire because of politics, but that didn’t drive the release. This was released fairly quietly by the son after he had seen the video on his mom’s PC.

I find the story completely credible, but ‘so what?’.
Ellison grabbed a woman by the legs and pulled her off his bed, after she refused to leave.

Expecting people to have led a perfect life is going to disqualify over 98% of our citizens. We should be focusing on the recency of behavior and whether there are patterns of bad behavior, not isolated incidents.


Why should they, believing it would hurt Democrats, not Republicans.


What? You mean it’s not a 35 year old accusation yet?


I’m sorry, but polling 800 people in mid-September and pretending that that predicts how 3 million people will vote 7 weeks from now is just ludicrous (I’m not ragging on you, but the Minnesota Poll). This kind of poll this far out is essentially meaningless.

I guess this allegation has the possibility of blowing up big enough to overturn history, but I’d still bet on history: Democrats always easily win this statewide race. And in a year trending towards Democrats/opposition, it would take a lot to upend that pattern. It’s possible, but very unlikely.


saying his accuser fabricated the story about him.

Whaaaat?!?!?!?! Sometimes accusers make things up?!?!?!?


They had Sen. Franken step down.



I wonder if she’s already made her mind without hearing any testimony or evidence? (Like she has with Kavanaugh)


Weren’t there pictures of him doing what he was accused of?


Have you searched her comments, or just shooting in the dark as before?


There is this thing called google…


Yes, that is how you search as a=I asked.
Apparently you came you had come up empty on Sen. Hirono’s calling for an investigation of the Ellison charges. And now on her thoughts on their credibility.


Well, I posed my question 4 days ago and your video clip of Hirono is from today…


Were you surprised when you heard the answer?

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