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In my Evangelical days probably one of my favorite artists was Keith Green. He was a born-again Christian and one of the most well-known artists Christian music. His evangelicalism shows a lot in some his music. He even had a side-ministry that was arguably anti-Catholic. But if you listen to his music, it is so powerful, and very convicting at times. This morning I was listening to Rushing Wind, a plea to the Holy Spirit to regenerate, to cleanse and to transform the soul, and Asleep in the Light, which is a statement against complacency among Christians and in the Church, and A Billion Starving People, a statement about social justice and the need for Christians to wake up and help those who are suffering. There isn’t much music out there like this today. If he were alive, I wonder what he would think to find that his music inspires me to be a better Catholic.

There was a time when I prayed for three well known anti-Catholics and Keith Green was one of them. None of them changed but all had various problems (Jimmy Swaggart was another). Green had a publication with a name like Last Days Ministries. As I recall he died in a plane crash about 33 years ago.

But I did hear a couple of his songs and his singing voice was good.

There is today a very powerful singer named Michael Bethea who does a song titled “I Am A Voice” He also is featured on EWTN’s “Chaplet of Divine Mercy In Song” It would appear he is Catholic

Causa Nostrae Laetitiae: I Am A Voice (Crying for Mercy)
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Published Apr 25, 2007

Apr 25, 2007 · I Am A Voice (Crying for Mercy) … It is sung by another dear friend of mine, Michael Bethea who also sings the …

During my “heretical” days, I knew a number of folks who were very much influenced by the music of KG.

He is alive and he gives glory to God that he inspires you to be a better Catholic. He certainly had a lot of zeal for God, I think like SO many he simply did not understand what the Church teaches. He wasn’t so much anti-Catholic as anti-what-he-thought-was-Catholic.

If he was “arguably” anti-catholic I’d hate to meet the guy you think really is! :eek:

His wife later softened a bit and pulled his more virulent attacks on the catholic faith from reprinting. I’m sure he sincerely believed he was helping people grow closer to God. He even challenged some evangelical blind spots (don’t hear much else about the sheep and goats sermon from that quarter). But he had contempt for our faith in Christ present in the Eucharist. I could never get that bad odor off of his work, even the otherwise good stuff.

Keith green was 100 times more a christian, than any of you. Talk about a real saint.

He was clearly anti-Catholic and anti–Eucharist. Don’t let appearances fool you. This is the Devil’s handiwork. To reject the Church is to reject Christ. Hard to wrap your mind around something that looks so holy but is the opposite. Again the Devil is capable of creating powerful illusions.

Keith Green was A great man of God Greater than any of the Popes!

The church teaches one falsehood after another!

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