Kelly: Trump is working on a streamlined travel ban


Due to be released next week

MUNICH (AP) — President Donald Trump is working on a “streamlined” version of his executive order banning travel from seven predominantly Muslim nations to iron out the difficulties that landed his first order in the courts, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Saturday.

Speaking on a panel about combating terrorism at the Munich Security Conference, Kelly said Trump’s original order was designed as a “temporary pause” to allow him to “see where our immigration and vetting system has gaps — and gaps it has — that could be exploited.”

He said the Trump administration was surprised when U.S. courts blocked it from implementing the executive order and now “the president is contemplating releasing a tighter, more streamlined version” of the travel ban.


Great news! This is a travel ban, not a Muslim ban


Why telegraph the ban? Doesn’t this run counter to his objectives of stopping terrorists from entry as an emergency measure?


That’s the criticism now?


That type of response seems to be what we can expect from the extreme left for quite awhile.


I’ll be interested to see it. My problems with the previous ban were that it was very abrupt and it denied entrance to those with visas who were already in transit. I have no problem with a ban in and of itself.


I believe those things will be fixed.


Have they got it legally tight? That Washington AG is like a bulldog, he said he will challenge any travel ban. I have a feeling things are about to get more cray cray…:popcorn:


Oh, are we acknowledging now that the last ban was indeed a Muslim ban?


Nope, not at all!


Good! He should issue a new ban, and fight for the old one.
The gaps it seems, include our own judicial branch.


Darned if you do…

If he doesn’t tell the American people he wants s accused of hurting families traveling. If he does tell, he doesn’t s telegraphing. I couldn’t care less what he does as long as it stops the flow of people who we have no idea if they mean us harm or not.
I’m not willing to risk my kids for that.


Yes, if it had been more delicate, there would be no avenue for protesting. Once they sorted out their enhanced vetting, they could still go back and review recent visas to see if they missed anyone of high risk. In several months visas will be flowing again.


It was never a ban.

A so called ban that lets in 87% of the world’s Muslims is not much of a ban now is it?


Maybe you should tell that to DT, who referred to it as a ban and didn’t use quotation marks around the word.


Sure is what the extreme leftists tried to make it. I have never seen such weak mental gymnastics as coming from these extremists, even though everyone knows the twisting they are trying to do.


See this.

Noting that 2+2 = 4 is not mental gymnastics. It’s truth.


Very telling about the extreme leftists intellectual honesty.


Why are people now talking about a “travel ban”. What fraction of the world’s travel will continue with the so-called streamlined travel ban in place?


Is that what being a registered Republican and Latin Mass promoter buys you these days?

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