Kellyanne Conway struggles to name African-Americans in White House



I don’t know why, she should have just used some of her “alternative facts.”


She could have named Frederick Douglas


Maybe she sees people as people rather than members of some identity group…



“The absence of diversity in the White House and administration as a whole has attracted attention since the earliest days of the Trump presidency.”


This might be more race baiting.

Does anyone know the make-up of CNN’s board of directors?

It is probably more “diverse” racially then the Trump cabinet, but I would like to see it as I could not find that information.

Can anybody here help me find this?

I wonder if Eli Watkins (who is the author of the article) would “struggle” to name racial minorites on CNN’s board if unprepared to answer this question?

Or Jon Karl from ABC (about ABC’s board)?


If that’s the case, perhaps you’d like to answer the question Conway couldn’t.


Trump has been using race-bating for years, thus appealing to so many in his base.

BTW, a current poll found that 83% of those who call themselves Republicans feel that Trump is doing a good job in handling race relations, which should tell one a lot about today’s Republican Party as former Republican and representative Joe Scarborough lamented this morning.

And this fits into both my wife’s and my experience as most of those family and friends with us that consider themselves to be Republican are racists.


Amazing that one family should be so tainted with racism. But families do have their own internal cultures. Possibly family therapy could be of value.


CNN is part of Turner Broadcasting:

ABC is owned by Disney


I have republicans a democrats in my family, and they are just people with different ideologies. Since most of the republicans I know as friends and family aren’t racists, I’d say it says more about your choice of friends and family’s values than republicans in general.


Leftists tend to see everything through the eyes of race. If something happens to a Black person it is entirely due to race. I reckon that is how they actually live since they see the world that way.


Some seem so willing to ignore the polls, ignore so much of what Trump has repeatedly said and done, so as to then attack me, but this is what I expect from so many Trump supporters.

If one can’t see Trump’s race baiting, then that within itself is quite telling. Why else would Trump for seven years claim Obama wasn’t an American citizen? Why else would he attack so many blacks by declaring them to be of “low intelligence”? Why else would want a Hispanic judge in Indiana to recuse himself because he’s "Mexican? Why else would he use “information” and quote white-supremacist websites? Etc. Etc.

So, former Republicans like Scarborough, George Will, Michael Schmidt, Nicole Wallace, etc. are all wrong on Trump’s race baiting tactics? I don’t think so.


BTW, some might be interested in conservative Ben Shapiro’s take on Trump, which can be found here:


You’ve proven my point. For leftists any criticism of Blacks is racist. Blacks can’t do anything wrong. That is ridiculous of course. All people can do wrong.


And here my point has been quite well established, and Trump’s as well when he said he could shoot someone right in the face in public and yet his supporters would still defend him.

And it’s all so convenient and dishonest to use the stereotype of “leftist” against me as both my politics and economics is quite mixed, which is why I really don’t like discussing anything along these lines with quite a number of people here who toss stereotypes around as if they were candy.

Anyhow, I moving on.


Perhaps one explanation of the lack of diversity in Trump’s White House, assuming there is one, is the propensity of Leftists to call people like Ben Carson, Condi, Rice, and Clarence Thomas “Uncle Toms” or “Aunt Jemimas” and caricature them in horribly racist ways.


How about Alt-Right also seeing everything through the eyes of race.

So there we have our neat little boxes labeled.


You could be a leftist on this issue. The word does have meaning.

I don’t think they do. I think most of them see some things as being racial but not everything. That is also largely a reaction against the racism of the left. If we are going to have identify politics then only a fool would not join in.


Which is why the “alt-right” should really be called the “alt-left”. They share the modern Left’s love of racial bean counting, but just think the recipe should include a few more whites.

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