Kenedy Directory


Anyone know where i can find the Kennedy Directory?

Looked at several Catholic Stores online and couldnt seem to find it…



You can find it on Amazon. It now goes by the Official Catholic Directory.


somebody posted a link within the last couple of days, try officialcatholicdirectory


thanks… thats exactly what i was looking for…

(only wish it was in e- form


it is about 6 inches thick, with a couple of additional appendix volumes, and at least a third is advertising, which funds the project, so they want you to buy it. your parish should have it.


Our public library has it, and keeps it updated every year. The price is right!


What is it for?:confused:


It is a compendium of who is where in what diocese in the U.S. I mean, it has EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE Catholic.

Want to know where that nice priest, Father So-And-So, was sent after he left your parish 15 years ago? It’s in there! Want to know if a parish is really Catholic in your diocese? It’s in there. Want to know how many orders of religious are in your diocese, and where do they live (or have headquarters)? It’s in there- every parish, every priest, every religious, every dang-blasted thing in a diocese.

The type is fine. I need my glasses AND a magnifying glass when I use it.


Ok, thanks.:slight_smile:


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