Kennedy reveals Bishop advised him not to take Communion

What do you suppose Kennedy’s angle is making all of this public?

I think that he is trying to criminalize the Church.

It’s encouraging to read about a Bishop that takes a stand like this. It seems that so many of them just look the other way.

I think Kennedy was just trying to gain sympathy for the pro-abort movement by making it public. What about sympathy for all the poor babies that are being slaughtered every second?

“Sympathy”? I dunno; I wouldn’t splatter my spiritual squabbles all over the front pages just to get “sympathy” for a cause. My guess is that there’s a movement afoot to draw the USCCB into making statements in the public forum that would disqualify the Church’s 501©(3) (i.e. tax-exempt) status.

If enough publicity is raised, and the IRS starts investigating, that would put pressure on the USCCB to back off on their demands to eliminate abortion funding or mandatory inclusion of abortion coverage from the proposed health care bill, wouldn’t you say?

If the Bishops are smart (and this one seems to be a pretty smart cookie), they won’t take the bait. Brilliant of him to keep repeating that it was Kennedy, not he, who brought this private chastisement into the public square. As long as the clergy continue to consistently stand firm on social teaching without being lured into a trap, they’ll stay on the right track, and maybe we’ll get a decent health insurance bill yet without diverting our tax dollars into the abortionists’ pockets.

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