Kenneth Miller's books Human Instinct and Finding Darwin's God

Just curious on how you guys think about him and his books? I know he is a roman catholic biologist and he is well known for being critical of Creationism and Intelligent Design like Francis Collins and Denis Alexander.

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If you agree with the science of evolution, he an excellent educator. If you are into ID and/or creationism, he won’t be your cup o’ tea.


I believe in Evolution I am just not 100% sure how to reconcile it with Christianity yet. I also don’t know how to change my religion in my profile. I am a Deist now.

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What is his beef with ID?

It just boils down to “God started it all”.

Because ID says that God intervened periodically throughout the evolutary process and observed at others and is a God of the Gaps. Many Christian thinkers like Aron R Yilmaz, Denis Alexander, Miller, and Francis Collins, all of which are biologist (technically Collins is a geneticists) believe in evolution and are critics of ID. Even Edward Feser who is consertive catholic philosopher is an ID critic.

I’m perfectly comfortable to believe that God intervened directly in human evolution because we are different from the animals.

But I get where that would make a scientist uneasy

I used to be to but now I am not I think evolution happened on its own but God created the universe and the laws that evolution follows and he knew that the outcome would be humans or something like humans at least thats where I am right now.

But you still see the hand of God in it all.

Right now I am curious about Feser’s two books The Last Superstition and Five Proofs for the Existence of God.

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The actual ID “science” has some compatibility issues with some Catholics. It’s a bit more involved than just God did it. Thomistic evolution is better suited to a Catholic perspective. ID rejects much of evolution and is compatible with creationists.

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Check out the following website to see a Catholic perspective on Theistic Evolution. Is a good site!

Maybe I will get the book.

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I actually just got it and looks pretty good.

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