Kentucky Judge Amber Wolf On Her Newfound Internet Stardom


The Marshall Project:

Kentucky Judge Amber Wolf On Her Newfound Internet Stardom

In the past two weeks, Louisville Judge Amber Wolf has experienced a level of internet fame that few judges have: Two videos, filmed in her courtroom, have gone viral. In the first, recorded on July 29, Wolf reacts with outrage towards jail administrators as a female defendant, who had been in custody for days, appeared to not be wearing pants in court and claimed that she was denied feminine hygiene products. (A spokesman for the jail later said that the defendant was wearing shorts under her long shirt). Soon after, on August 5, a second video surfaced in which Wolf temporarily suspends a no-contact order to allow a defendant to hold his newborn child for the first time before being sent back to jail.

                                          Wolf, 34, worked as public defender and prosecutor before she was  elected to preside over Jefferson County’s District Court in 2014.  Below, she talks about her career, her recent fame, and why she reads  internet comments.   

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Read the interview, it’s very interesting. I think it’s a good thing that the judge previously worked as both a public defender and as a DA.


Ha, I thought they looked similar. I didn’t realize they were the same lady. That’s what happens when you play games while watching the news.


She could prosecute, defend, and preside over a case all by her lonesome.


What’s truly amazing is that someone acting so decently is news. Sadly that is the case, so my kudos to her as she is clearly a very decent human being who thinks of those that come through her courtroom as people and not just names on a docket to be shuffled in and out as quickly as possible.



I really enjoyed watching her reaction in that first story.


People who have served as public defenders are typically fairly good people as why else would they be working poverty wages with a law degree forcing them to live in the ghetto subsisting off ramen or living with their parents?


Judge, jury, and executioner? :smiley:


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