Kentucky Planned Parenthood reports death threat(RU486)

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KNOXVILLE - An official of Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee said today that the non-profit organization has received a threatening telephone from an unidentified man.

Steven Emmert, vice president of the local chapter, said that he was out of town on Wednesday when the man called the office and asked for him. The caller “went off on a tangent” when the staffer who answered the phone advised him that Emmert was not there, Emmert said.

“It did not last very long, but it ended with a very real threat: He said, ‘They will kill you’ and then hung up the phone,” Emmert said. “The staffer who took the call was pretty shook up.”

He said it is the first such threat the local chapter has received in the 50 years it has been open. It was reported to the Knoxville Police Department and the FBI.

The caller “was obviously not a fan of abortion,” but devoted most of his comments to parts of Planned Parenthood’s history “that don’t pertain to what we do today,” Emmert said.

Antiabortion advocates in recent weeks have protested a new Planned Parenthood clinic in East Knoxville, off Cherry Street. Clergy and the Pro-Life Coalition of East Tennessee say the relocation of the clinic from a predominantly white neighborhood in West Knoxville to a predominantly black one on the east side of town is, in part, racially motivated.

On Tuesday, a crowd of about 95 people, mostly white, gathered at a church school in East Knoxville to hear a speech by Catherine Davis, the controversial creator of a billboard campaign in Atlanta charging that many abortions are racially motivated.

But a Planned Parenthood leader said last week that the East Knoxville community has welcomed the new clinic, which he said has seen a steady stream of clients.** The clinic offers women’s health services like birth control and cancer screenings. It does not do surgical abortions but does end pregnancies using the pill RU486.**

More details as they develop online and in Saturday’s News Sentinel.

I’ve heard that more and more family planning clinics are doing** RU486 abortions **and that is an major issue because in the small state of NH(1 million plus) we have around 4 abortion facilities yet 31 family planning clinics. I can’t even imagine how many family planning clinics there are in larger states.

List of 31 family planning clinics in NH

For for small amount of money a year, they can buy abortion coverage in their health care package according to the health care reform bill so this expansion of services is scary.

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