Kenyans protest over Nairobi miniskirt attack

Around 200 people have taken to Nairobi streets in protest after a video showing a group of men tearing off a woman’s clothing went viral and sparked outrage in the country.

Both Muslims and Christians marched to the bus stop where the attack occurred and to the offices of the Nairobi police chief demanding an end to street violence against women.

Rival protesters gathered outside Mr Kimaiyo’s office, and were joined by a conservative Christian group chanting: “We are a God-fearing nation.”.

Somehow, I don’t think forcibly stripping a woman on video and sharing that video around the globe is equivalent with being “God-fearing.”

Sad that these two groups can’t meet in the middle and say both that 1) miniskirts are a bad choice in this country, AND 2) no choice of dress justifies forcibly stripping a woman and distributing what is essentially pornography of her to bring her shame.


Nairobi police have arrested dozens of men accused of attacking the woman.

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