Kepler Space Telescope finds Earth-size, potentially habitable planets are common



One day, humans will be in contact with intelligent life from another planet and I would not be suprised to find Christian like religions on those planets too. But even if aliens have totally different religions, it would not negate Jesus Christ, as God can reveal himself to his people any way he wants.

Other planets are a testimony to God’s Greatness and the discovery of aliens would be a testimony to God’s Love.

This really is a turn point in the Church for many reasons, but Jesus will always guide His Church down the right path.


Already the NSA’s listening posts are abuzz…


There is no way they can know that a planet is “potentially habitable” (whatever that means) just by looking at it through a telescope.


That’s true. The atmosphere may be unbreathable or there may be natural radiation levels humans can’t handle. Or giant, multi-tentacled inhabitants who would not like us visiting their planet or look at us as food.

We won’t know until we can develop faster than light space drives. I’ve got a theory but NASA hangs up whenever I call…

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It is not a turning point in the Church.

Alien contact would be. But that will never be done by telescope.



A great deal can be determined through telescopic observation. Approximate temperatures, atmospheric composition, distances, etc., an all be determined. What cannot be determined by telescope is whether, or not, any g\form of life has managed to develop.


They don’t know just by looking at it through the microscope.


Alien contact wouldn’t change anything. They might not want to have anything to do with non-insect looking, war-like people.



It’s amazing what folks will believe when someone with a few letters behind their name says something.


Even if they did not care to engage with our soft-skin, four-limbed beings; the proven existence of aliens would force a way-downward revision of our “place in the universe.”

Exactly what professional philosophers love; and the Church is run by them.



That’s what good science-fiction is about. The potential. The universe is vast and we can’t even go to a neighboring planet yet, much less another star system.



BTW: I was not implying that this announcement was a turning point in the Church, but that this century is perhaps a turning point in the Church. This is the first century of the 2nd millennium and the world is changing super fast.


Actually, that can also be determined with a fair amount of accuracy. If the atmosphere contains things like free oxygen and methane, then life is quite probable. Without plants to process CO2 back into O2, our atmosphere would have no free oxygen, as it is rather reactive. Similar for the methane, but the source isn’t quite so nice - the largest source of free methane on earth is ruminant (especially bovine) flatulence.


The Church is run by God.



I disagree, eventually mankind will have the ability to visit these other planets and probably will start civilizations on some of them at some point, If I recall, the bible only talks about earth, so Im not sure how people living on other planets would play into all that, but I think it would greatly effect the church.

Alien contact will be nothing more than mankind meeting more of Gods creation. Its really that simple, but whether or not they have religion like we do, or whether God has a relationship with them is something else too, what man has may be unique…?? These are things we can only guess at though.

What is truly strange, is the amount of planets out there that can possibly support life, either our lives or other types of life, I heard a scientist at NASA saying there is likely millions of planets out there that are in the ‘goldilocks’ zone between their suns, why would God create so many worlds out there?


The universe is so finely tuned that a variation of any of one of several key components would mean that the universe would never have come into existence.

The chances of life coming into existence likewise would have the possibility of trillions upon trillions to one.

By all probabilities then, the chances are there is more than chance involved.

Commonness of other planets assumes that chance is the deciding factor. More probability, if we are to encounter extra-terrestrial life, this will come about as a the next age of the continuing path of revelation that we have been on since God chose to reveal himself to a wondering world.


Regardless of what the impact to religion is, we’re not going to make much progress in space exploration unless we regain that drive to explore that existed during the space race. Our space program now is a mere skeleton of what it once was!!


So true…and so sad. Definitely some of the best money we ever spent, IMHO. Not only did we make huge technical advances, the effort was also a great source of pride and enthusiasm for the people of the US…


I think interest died when we stopped leaving earth orbit… it became routine. I think Mars is our best bet to renew that drive to explore… But that won’t happen until people start caring about things like that again. Hopefully it doesn’t take a rival country getting close to a mission to push us back into space.

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