Kerber beats Williams in Wimbledon final



I admire and respect Williams but I’m a Kerber fan. She’s cool under pressure. That’s 3 majors for her now. Don’t think she will ever win the French open though, to make it a Grand Slam.


I like both players. Williams has to be a candidate for worlds greatest Sportsman (in the inclusive usage) as she has been at the top of her game for so long with lots of high calibre opposition.

I like Kerber as well though. She looks like my cousin and her first GS title was in Australia and she came across as very genuine, joyful and humble (like Serena).

Good to see she is continuing with her success.


I’m happy for you tennis fans, And, I hope you soccer fans enjoy your final in the WC. As for me, bring on football season.


what about cricket season? and sumo wrestling season?


You forgot to mention the International Two Man full contact Pall bearing league and its championship.:wink:

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