Kerry: Refrigerator chemicals are just as bad as ISIS


I would have never thought this possible, but John Kerry is making me look fondly to that time when we had the steady hand of Hillary Clinton running the State Department.


I can’t wait to see how people defend this, or try to tell us what he really meant to say…

Actually no, not really. It’s indefensible, and he said it.


My eyes are rolling so far, I’m looking at the back-inside of my skull.


Perhaps JK is suffering from early onset dementia…:eek::rolleyes:


That is the most…unfathomable thing I’ve ever heard.


We in Massachusetts, who suffered through Mr. Kerry as Lieutenant Governor then as U.S. senator, know him as the emptiest of empty suits, a “poseur” of the first order, someone who should have been content living off his second wife’s first husband’s trust fund (while at the same time docking his $6,000,000. yacht in Rhode Island to avoid Massachusetts taxes). Fortunately in a few months (hopefully) he’ll go back to his family’s private Island and never be heard from again.


Obama picked two of the brightest bulbs to be his Secretary of State didn’t he during his 8 years in office? no wonder our country is in such bad shape.




As they say, a fish rots from the head down


The guy missed his calling.

He should have been the Maytag repairman rather than the man responsible for eliminating ISIS.

What a joke the last eight years of American foreign policy have been.

The more that the West has abandoned its Christian heritage, the more it has become a rudderless people led by fools.


you can say that again! and we have proof!


Good one! Thanks for the major giggle:D


show me the data, mr. kerry


Oh, and paired with Obama saying that this is the least violent, most educated period so far in history a few days ago? I wonder what the Democrats are taking behind the scenes!


Justice would have the guy eating un-refrigerated meat and wilted lettuce from here on out.




No words, but I wonder how many times he had to practice his chemistry pronunciation? Did he even take chemistry?


There is nothing for Kerry to defend. What he said was simply true. Terrorism poses an insignicant threat to “life on the planet”. It is devastating to the people it does impact. But it affects the general population almost not at all. On the other hand, a dangerous chemical released on a large scale through negligence, or whatever, can affect whole populations. I think Kerry is simply applying a realistic assessment to the situation where terrorism is blown way out of proportion to its true danger.


We can certainly hope!


I hate it when my refrigerator chemicals wake me up in the middle of the night and try to slit my throat.

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