Kerry: Russian bombs killing women and children 'in large numbers'


Washington (CNN)Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday accused Russia of bombing women and children “in large numbers” in Syria.

Speaking to reporters in Washington, he said the Russian bombing campaign was not precise and that the Russians were using “dumb bombs.”

“This has to stop,” Kerry declared.

Kerry also continued to push for a ceasefire in Syria.

“The Russians have made some constructive ideas about how a ceasefire could in fact be implemented, but if it’s just talk for the sake of talk in order to continue the bombing, nobody’s going to accept that. And we will know that in the course of the next days.”


It sounds largely like how the Chechen war was conducted. To their credit, I suppose the rebels could hold citizens as hostages but they do not.

This city too may well go under famine like the others, persons died of famine. The Geneva Convention really doesn’t seem to count with some people.

Unfortunately, as shown, more civilians are killed than ISIS fighters by the regime and Russian forces.


I’ll take Putin’s word over any US secretary of state any day.


I’ll take the Syrian Human Rights Observatory and other Human Rights Activists words before I take the word of the billionaire leader of Russia. (see net worth)


One man sitting in London, who hasn’t been in Syria since 2006 ~ 10 years ago.

Yep, he sounds very well informed. :rolleyes:

Here’s the video of him being interviewed.


Unconfirmed claims by some[who?] Russian opposition politicians and journalists allege that Putin secretly possesses a large fortune (as much as $70 billion[407]) via successive ownership of stakes in a number of Russian companies.[408][409] Asked at a press conference on 14 February 2008 whether he was the richest person in Europe, as some newspapers claimed; and if so, to state the source of his wealth, Putin said “This is plain chatter, not worthy discussion, plain bosh. They have picked this in their noses and have smeared this across their pieces of paper. This is how I view this.”


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