Kevin Jonas gets engaged!

To my ears, the Jonas brothers music is unlistenable.

I have no interest in the private lives of musicians and celebrities, even those that I actually like.

yayyyyy good for him

The radio station I listen to plays alt-rock and alt-country so I’ve never listened to the Jonas Brothers music, but I wish Kevin Jonas and his financee well.

BTW, here is a direct link to the article:,20288983,00.html

OK-Ill bite. Who is Kevin Jonas?

What might be a big deal about them on this forum is that they actually have some morality, at least considering they are Rock and Rollers. I think they are Evangelicals.

Someone else on this forum might wind up correcting my post and say that they are very moral. I’m impressed. Miley Cyrus ain’t bad either.

Agreed… Just, thought I’d post a link to this cover of a Jonas Brothers song which is better than the original:

The same group also covered a Miley Cyrus song… yet again proving that covers can be better than originals:

Whooooo Hooooo!!!:extrahappy::clapping:

I’m soo happy for him! And Jonas Brothers rock!!! :bounce:

hehe…joe is going to be next ther

I don’t think I’d be so happy about that one.:blush:

hehe…he’s nice looking and all, but i’m sure you’ll get over it

me neither… :rolleyes:

I can confirm that they are indeed an exceptionally moral family. Kevin and Denise raised their boys to have values that are contrary to the prevailing culture. While I have been out of touch with them since they moved to California, I have no doubt that if there is anyone who is capable of holding on to those values while being so deeply emersed in those corrupting influences that pervade the entertainment industry, it is this family. They are indeed very special people.

Daddums :slight_smile:

My 11 and 13 year old granddaughters think the Jonas Brothers are wonderful. From what I’ve heard they seem like good kids, which is saying something in the arena they are plunged in.

When I was that age, it was The Monkees–I had pictures of Mickey Dolenz all over my bedroom walls. I guess it goes with that age!!!

In this month’s(July) Good Housekeeping, there is an article about the Jonas Brothers. In the article, it mentions how her family was Catholic and then joined a nondenominational church.

I read the story, from our free subscription courtesy of Kroger’s, because of the cover. Another fromer gov. of AK Sarah Palin type of family decision to leave Catholicism for another christian faith experience … which I don’t know much about. ( I wonder if GH had a story about Alyson Stoner, as her Father was Catholic. … Maybe Dad was also given a small role. :shrug:) Here is the link to the GH article:

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