Kevin Jonas wearing an Aleister Crowley T-shirt and Satanic Lyrics in Jonas Brothers songs!

Here is Kevin Jonas wearing a T-shirt with Aleister Crowley on, the master occultist who said he has sacrificed 150 children in one year. Why is a supposed conservative Christian glorifying that man by wearing that kind of apparal?

Second, why do some of the Jonas Brothers songs have lyrics that sound like, when you play them backwards, '‘Our Sweet Forsaken Satan.’

Listen here:


Backwards masking is an urban legend.

And how do you know so much about the deep things of Satan?

Who cares? It’s not like he’s the cute one.


And truth be told, that is a pretty spiffy hat.

Jonas Brothers? Satanic? pffft My cat is more likely to be Satanic than them. :smiley:

Guess im lucky my three young daugthers think they are dorks :smiley:

I wouldn’t be surprised if some stylist picks his clothes out for him. Expecting a kid who grew up the way he has to be educated in a relatively insignificant figure in history is a lot to ask, I’d be surprised if he’s even heard the name.

I played it backwards, it said “wbouwoubn i uhaghqg 9q8bgnqg8qvn 8 bhrvhr;ghbh74hwnvbh4gwgph4grbh95eiog dfviiprj breuh bjr’j’b4hh;prj’br4h 79gtn804b09r9gb 79hvm0a”

Sounds like an improvement over their normal material. :smiley:

When I first saw them, I thought they were girls (seriously).

That is a bit troubling and a good question. I didn’t know he was a Christian (I don’t know much about any of them). As far as the songs question - that seems a broad accusation to make.

…and your great, great, great granddaughter is doing fine, dooiiinnngggg fiiinnneee.

It is likely that he has no idea the story behind the face on his shirt.
Sort of like young adults who love to wear Che shirts…because they like history, but not enough to actually look into it.

Does finding sublime irony in having the guerilla’s face plastered over t-shirts bought and sold all over the place count?

go buy a Jonas Brother record, spin it backwards and see what happens.

go buy a Jonas Brother record, spin it backwards and see what happens.

Even if one seriously wanted to, WHERE could anyone find a RECORD these days?!?

I would suspect that his musical idol is Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, who is a devotee of Crowley and his philosophy, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”. Still, it is not a trivial matter when someone promotes such a heresy to millions of young people, either directly or indirectly.

you know you had to post that link?

i just spent the last hour listening to pandora radio, the catholic chant station because i couldnt get the out of my head.

see i think most of you are all missing the point…there are a few main possible reasons for this being unearthed:

1- its really true, these people are using Jesus as a mask for satan
2- these kids are really doing a good thing, and someone out there is corupting their positive message by bearing false witness on them through tampered audio. if these guys are really doing a good thing, it can be undone if people really believe this

either way, this should be a reminder that satan is here. he aint going anywhere…

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

I don’t see how any of you are even addressing the real point. Backmasking is a myth. It’s a farce concocted by paranoid, anti-contemporary minds. No offense, but I side with common sense and reason when they tell me that people listen to music forwards. There’s no fictional subtle mechanism in our brains that plays it backwards.

Furthermore, I don’t see why people can even understand anything in that garble that comes out of playing something backwards. What do you think we are, Sims?

Finally, I’d just like to say that stars like the Jonas Brothers aren’t the brightest of youths. I saw a video on YouTube months ago about how Hollywood is one of the most ignorant places on earth. That said, I highly doubt he’s even aware of the face on his shirt. He (or whoever picked it out for him) probably got snagged by the pentagram on the chest. I mean what do you first see when looking at a shirt, the chest part right?


Whilst I don’t believe that Jonas Brothers music is satanic… I’m no big fan, sorry. Maybe it’s because I associate their music with the somewhat cheesy network that is Disney Channel (despite being a big Disney fan myself :o).

That, and I absolutely detested their take on the classic song “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me)”. DX

Then again, I listen to mostly foreign music nowadays so what do I know. :shrug:

That kind of talk could get you in a lot of trouble in my house… :mad:


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