Keys of Enoch

Can anyone please comment on this topic - this link may help. It rings major warning bells with me, but I dont know how to respond to it. Thanks

May I ask why you are even interested as to what this book has to say?

Hello LizS! Nice to meet you. :slight_smile:

I checked out the link. My belief is that Jesus Christ is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6) and that any spiritual advancement should be centered on Him and His atonement.

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This is so heretical on so many levels.

You can tell the worthlessness of it by its theology and sources.

Raised in California,we get a new cult/manure bag daily.

Taking less than the usual five minutes to disbelieve,the operation is the attempt of an egomaniacal pseudosaviour to conquer thought and gather a cult,so gullible wanderers will commit themselves to him and his waywardness.

That is my assessment. How do I know?

The"contactee"is from Missouri,a notable Ku Klux Klan haven.

He homogenizes all religious leaders-Jesus,Buddha,Zoroaster,Allah,et al.This is the old,Fatherhood of God-Brotherhood of Man,Masonic hoax.

Any unearthly beings,he is contacting are possibly aliens on the devil’s side.

He has a growing list of books to cheat your fate available for sale.

Wanting us all to be one,God would have allowed construction of the Tower of Babel. We are not all one,nor will we ever be. We do not speak the same language.

Arising around times of major theologicaal transitions,these false prophets crawl out of the woodwork.

One of the prices of freedom is putting up with nuts.-not my quote

Seek and you will find.

May I ask why you are even interested as to what this book has to say?

I didnt read it for my own benefit. Someone close to me - a Catholic - is enthusing greatly about it and I needed to know what it was about. I didnt need to read much before I found it deeply disturbing, but I am not sure how to approach this person with a response, especially as this person already believes other things to come from God that I am very wary of eg power of chakras/crystals etc. But I am now deeply concerned. I too believe it to be heretical. Presumably the writer of the book believes (or more likely pretends) he has new revelation, but I know for sure this fully denies Jesus. I dont think the person I speak of will accept my view.

Hi to you too Finrock, I totally agree that spiritual advancement should be Christ centered.

I didnt explain myself well at the start as I wasnt wanting to discuss someone else’s affairs over the internet. I dont think that is fair on them. The problem is my own. I am struggling with how to express what I feel about this, without causing offense. I guess part of my problem is a personal one.

I actually regret looking this it at all, as it is not something I even want in my head.

Sorry for the delay in replying - I am obviously at the oposite end of the clock


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