Keys of the Kingdom

My Lord Jesus Christ, there is none greater than you
For the Father has given you the keys to his Kingdom
And you, Lord, for the salvation of the souls of his children
Gave to the Father, every last drop of your precious blood unto death
The Good Sheppard who laid down his life for his sheep
Also the Lamb of God, who has set us free from sin and death
One day we shall enter through the Golden Gates of Heaven
Opened with the keys of compassion, mercy, and love of Jesus Christ
There Lord we shall dwell with you, filled with the Holy Spirit
Living in the presence of Almighty God, our Father, for all eternity
My Lord, and my God, I love you in the most Blessed Sacrament
Nailed upon the cross, suffered and died for the sake of all humanity
That sin may be forgiven and the gates of Heaven would be opened
My Lord, and my God, I love you in the most Precious Blood
Shed upon the cross at Calvary; cleanse us with this adorable sacrifice
And bring us too new life, in Jesus name we pray, Amen

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