Khrystos Razhdajetsia!

Slavite Yoho!
Christ is born! Glorify Him!
Merry Christmas to all my Eastern brothers celebrating today!
Pass the vodka!


Slavite Jeho!

Are you old enough for Vodka? :ehh:

Merry Christmas to all on the old calendar!
Christ is born!

it’s amongst family, and tradition! Its perfectly fine in the family, not to mention this is a very old tradition. (Christmas eve meal)
regardless, i am legally old enough (18 Quebec),

It this just an example of the big differences with North American and European culture :thumbsup:

Christos sya Rozhdaye i Shchastlyvaho Novoho Roku!!!

And you better get that KUTIJA off the ceiling before it falls and kills someone:D

Merry (Julian) Christmas to all of you! And merry 12th day of Christmas to me :wink:

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