Kid A Album of the Decade

The decade is approaching its end; do you think any album will beat Kid A? I highly doubt it.

Who is Kid A?

My question as well…

Sorry, I thought more would be familiar with it. Kid A is Radiohead’s third album, which was released in 2000.

ummm, no

Maybe it’s just that I don’t really like Radiohead, but I’d have several picks well above that…

The World/Inferno Friendship Society: Addicted to Bad Ideas (Peter Lorre’s 20th Century) (yes, it is a rock opera about the life and times of Peter Lorre)
Eisbrecher - Sünde (stomp stomp stomp, also, best instrumental)
Richard X Heyman - Basic Glee (this guy is possibly the most amazing pop-rock musician ever and nobody’s heard of him)
Jupiter One - Jupiter One (The Cars live!)
Alice Cooper - Along Came A Spider (so does he!)
The Singles - Start Again (another one nobody will know)

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