Kid Bibles?


At the school where I am principal, I would like to get classroom sets of Bibles for the k-3 students, who currently don’t have them. It seems that there should be four considerations:

Catholicity (I’ve seen one or two which overtly describe the Lord’s Supper as merely symbolic. Others depict the Protestant 10 commandments, though this point would be secondary to a good treatment of the rest of Scripture).

Comprehensiveness - I’d like a good selection of stories, especially for the older kids (k-1 could get by with a more general overview)

Readability - in k-1 the teacher might just read the stories and show illustrations (rather than a class set), but in 2-3 I’d like something the kids could read or at least read along with.

Ilustrations - Not the top priority, but important, I think, for making the stories more concrete at this age.

Any good suggestions (or warnings) from kids Bibles you have at your homes/schools?


the St Joseph Catholic Picture Bible (the one with the yellow cover and traditional illustrations) is my favorite for content, price and durability. from the textbook clearing houses you can get bulk parish pricing. It has each story on one page with a very good picture on the facing page. It is good from our pov because it also comes in Spanish (although for some reason there are fewer stories in that version). There is also a companion Saints book in both Eng and Span.


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