Kid faith formation


I have a 4 soon to be 5 year old who asks the darndest questions that sometimes I don’t know how to answer age appropriately. I.E.He sees the crucifix and asks why Jesus died on the cross. I reply that Jesus loves us so much that he died on the cross for our sins so that we may be forgiven. He then says something like how come or how did he get nailed to the cross or why stc. I reply that this all happened a super long time ago before you and I or even grandma was born. So at the time when Jesus was born he would become a King. There was a King who didn’t like Jesus because of this and he was afraid so he had the Romans crucify Jesus.
So he knows some information about this. The other morning while watching catoons, he put some books out in a line on his bed and then he took his animal pillow and laid it across so it looked like a cross. I walk in to give him a hug and play with him, but I sit on the bed next to him and just smile and watch. He then says, Hi Mommy, I just put my books out so I can be like Jesus on the cross. I didn’t know what to say. I just smiled and said come give me a hug and then we read a story of his choice. :slight_smile:
Do any of your kids do this stuff? My son will walk around the house with an GI Joe doll positioned like on a crucifix and just walk like hes an alter boy at church and then smile at me. And to be totally honest with you we just started to attend mass on a regular basis for about 2 years now.
Is there any suggested religious material out there for kids that offers information for really curious kids? He’s smart as a whip but I want to keep it kid level. I think I may have a little boy who might become a priest someday.


I think the main thing is to make certain your son knows that suffering comes from sin, not from God. The Cross isn’t about God sending us suffering. What the Cross shows is not that God wants us to suffer, but that God can take the worst thing in the world and make it into the best thing in the world, if we remain faithful.

We suffer because God gave us choices that really make a difference. We aren’t just playing at having choices, and we weren’t just given minor choices. When we choose to sin, we cause suffering. No matter what sins people choose, though, God’s love is bigger. He can give us our choices, and let them be real choices, and yet because He loves us so much, He can save us from them, too. He is willing to take on the consequences of our choices, because He loves us.


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