Kid Rock denies Detroit Free Press credentials for Little Caesars Arena concert



Robert, be honest: are you Kid Rock?


You know he can’t answer that! Wink Wink


The current senator is a very hard core pro-abortion voter.


I notice that’s not a denial. Your cover is blown, Mr. Rock.


If Kid Rock is on this forum, can I just say that was a swell beer can pop top vest you wore on the cover of Rolling Stone a couple decades ago, Mr. Rock? I was totally envious.
“Cowboy” is still my fave Kid Rock anthem.


Perhaps I’m missing something but I fail to understand why the press gets magical passes at what are basically private concerts (based on the ticket prices). The idea that there’s “freedom of speech” and “free press” should concern itself with a traveling concert entertainer. It’s so bizarre to me.

The paper then shoots back with an incredibly juvenile attack on this entertainer’s character (albeit much of it valid) just to make themselves look good. All because they didn’t get the freebies they wanted in addition to their tickets. It’s pathetic.


Wow. Kid Rock has an anthem? I’d delete this post before it is too late. This sort of thing can come back to haunt you.


When I start worrying about stuff I say on CAF coming back to haunt me, Kid Rock is the least of my worries.


Until it comes up in a job interview.


I doubt I will ever be having any more “job interviews” unless it’s for my retirement career as Wal-Mart greeter, but I guarantee you that no employer in any of my fields ever cared what music I listened to and I doubt that will change. I could probably find 10 people in my office whose musical and even political preferences make Kid Rock look like Little Bo Peep, so I’ll continue to live my life without paranoia, thanks.


I assume he’s joking.


It would be nice if he was, but there are a lot of weird people on these forums and it’s hard to tell if there’s no laughing emoji.


Well, I was. But now that I find out you are at retirement age, I am even more worried about your fandom of Kid Rock. If you were a millennial and hadn’t been raised during the era of good rock’n’roll, I wouldn’t be as concerned, but I can’t see anyone over the age of 35 thinking this guy is an ‘artist’ worth listening to.


Judgemental much? We can appreciate different things about different artists without it being odd. Now, I don’t find Kid Rock appealing but I don’t find it strange that any age group would find themselves “too good” for any type of music.


Of course you don’t find Kid Rock appealing because he is an awful musician. My comment about age has more to do with exposure. It is possible that someone under 35 hasn’t been exposed to good music and might mistakenly think Kid Rock is good. Older people should have been exposed to good music and hence would realize that Kid Rock is awful.


I don’t find Kid Rock appealing because I don’t like his style. Music, like art, is in the eye (or ear) of the beholder. I don’t like country or rap but there are many good artists in that genre. I don’t like rock very much, either. I do like folk music but many find that type of music enough to drive them up a wall and across the ceiling. And I really dislike Elvis and Frank Sinatra because I hate silly, romantic crooning.

Criticizing people’s taste in music is rather silly. Obviously, plenty of people have been exposed to many types of music and still like him. Attacking people for a liking his music is a bit juvenile.


I think we can all agree that musical taste is in the ear of the beholder. Except I also think we can all agree that Kid Rock is awful. If you don’t think Kid Rock is awful, then we can safely say that you have either a) not been exposed to a lot of music or b) have no musical taste.


So campaign for a pro-life candidate who speaks like an adult, not a 14 year old with a head injury. It’s not like the only two possible choices are “pro-abortion candidate” and “Kid Rock.”

I mean, let’s look at Kid Rock brilliantly launching his political career:

If this sounds like a United States Senator to you…I don’t know what to say.


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