Kidnapped US journalist freed in Syria


An American journalist kidnapped in Syria nearly two years ago has been freed and handed over to UN representatives.

Peter Theo Curtis was freed from captivity on Sunday, after being abducted in Antakya, Turkey, where he planned to enter Syria in October 2012.

Footage of the American was released on June 30, showing a disheveled Curtis with long hair and beard, but appearing to be in good health.

Speaking in a video obtained by Al Jazeera, Curtis read from a prepared script stating his name and profession, saying he was a journalist from Boston, Massachusetts.

Commenting on his treatment, Curtis said he “had everything” he needed and “everything has been perfect, food, clothing, even friends now”.

Dozens of journalists covering the Syrian civil war have been seized since the conflict began in March 2011, with many others still missing.


Curtis was released by Jabhat al-Nusrah (aka The al-Nusra Front.) Al-Nusra is not IS. They are in competition with IS.

Qatar was involved in the negotiations.


They are in competition with IS.

I’m glad he’s out of there.:thumbsup: I can’t imagine what it means politically, very kind gesture.


Thank you Lord!! :gopray:


An American journalist kidnapped nearly two years ago has been freed in Syria following Qatari mediation and handed over to UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights.

Qatar may have brokered this transaction. The Jihadis it is known have been making money in kidnapping, at least ISIS has. I’m certainly not saying a ransom was payed. It’s just that the full picture needs to be remembered. It’s also known that Qatar probably has donors to these groups. Maybe per US pressure, Qatar is going to crack down on donors.

USA helps operate an air base in Qatar as well.


This is very good news when bad news deems to be the norm.
I wonder if a ransom was paid. A big thanks to the people in Qatar that helped negotiate this release.

Lord watch over all the other captives in the Middle East.


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