Kidney Disease


Hello all. It’s been awhile since I posted. :slight_smile:
It’s almost been a year since I was brought into the church (baptised/communion/cnfirmation all last Easter). I’m very happy about that.
For the last 5 1/2 years I’ve had Chronic Kidney Disease. In this time I’ve gotten married and had 2 beautiful children. What is stressing though, is that ever since I got baptised my life has gone downhill.
My kidneys are getting worse and worse, I’m a clot forming (had a pulmonary emoblism May of last year) and I can’t get my anemia under control.
My faith is being tested and stretched to the limits.


Keep trying to be healthy. My sister has chronic kidney disease too. Its a daily struggle for her (she’s not on dialysis yet though) especially her anemia. Do what you can to enjoy life. Do you like taking your children for walks? Watch them play, it will remind you how lucky you are too have them. Everyone has a cross to bare, mine is diabetes and drug addicition (a bad combination) and there are days when I think, I used to be able to eat anything I want and now that chocolate bar could kill me. It’s hard but you have to keep going. Find the joys in life and your cross wont be so heavy anymore. Keep praying, He is there.


[quote=sarcophagus]Find the joys in life and your cross wont be so heavy anymore.

What a beautiful sentiment and wise piece of advice. That was uplifting for me at a time I really need it! Thank you.


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