Kids in a cancer camp


I just returned from spending a week at a cancer camp for about 85 children from ages 5 - 17 who have cancer. Their spirit and zest for life were amazing, I know some of them won’t make it back next year, (we lost 4 little ones since last summer). I would hope people would offer prayers for these youngters and their families.

This camp realy helps volunteers change their priorities in life.


God Bless You!!!. What a wonderful thing you did. I wish I had the means to just hug one of these kids. Do you have a link on how to get involved? Prayers for all, Tim


What an inspiration. I’m a cancer survivor myself. Here’s one close to my home.


In college I spent my summers as a Girl Scout Camp counselor at Camp Whispering Pines in SE Louisiana. At the end of our 2 months of camp, we were given the option to stay on and volunteer to help out with a week of camp for child cancer patients and their families. I have lots of great memories from those sessions. There were always some that weren’t back the next year.
They were celebrating with their fellow saints in heaven. :angel1:


Heavenly Father please accept the suffering of these small children along with those of their families for the betterment of your Kingdom. It is through our suffering that we experience Christ and let all who see these children see your face as well.


Since some of you have asked, to see some pictures of these kids from past camps and last week you can go to The newest pictures should be up any day now.

The camp is in ite 26th year and it has never turned a child down or charged a campers family a dime. I have seen volunteers ride a bus from L.A. to KY just to volunteer a week out of their life.

Thanks for letting me share my experience with you.


Thanks for the link. These kids have my prayers.


Oh, Lord, these kids give so much of themselves to inspire others. Bless them, and confort them and their families. Thank you for the example they set for the rest of us. In Jesus name we pray.


Keeping all children with terminal illnesses in prayer, and especially those suffering cancer…


I’ll keep these young ones in my prayers. :gopray:




Gladly will I pray for them, and for you and your kind spirit too!




Prayers for all these pediatric cancer warriors and their families.

Prayers for people like the OP who give of their time and talent to bring just one smile or laughter to the face of these kids.

Our 12 year old is almost 6 months cancer free. Amen.


I give thanks and praise to God for people like you who finds time to comfort the sick. I pray for you and all the children you have touch, that it brings healing in mind, body and spirit.:thumbsup:


:signofcross: :heart: Praying for these children, their familys, and all the volunteers :blessyou: :gopray:


I will pray for them and their families.


:slight_smile: Prayer said


Can we not learn so much from those who have so little? My prayers for them, especially those who have no one else to pray for them. God bless you Gitsch!


Praying. :slight_smile:

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