Kids made-to-order, science gone awry A Vatican spokesperson has spoken out against this new trend based in a Los Angeles fertility clinic that appears to be gaining steam in the science world. Pick you genetically perfect kid…eye color, hair, personality type, free from disease. O, Lord forgive them, they do not know what they are doing.

Bishop Sgreccia said this "is not the first time that these kinds of announcements come up, which have the objective of increasing the number of clients. In any case, it is about an ethically mistaken operation, and one that wounds the dignity of the offspring, since it is oriented toward manipulating the body, dominating it and transforming it according to one’s tastes."
The bishop said that just as it is illicit for a child that has or could develop defects to be eliminated by negative selection, “it is also illicit to make a selection that obeys only the wishes of the parents.”
“This is a typical example of science that is not placed at the service of the good, but rather at the desires of those who buy its services; meanwhile those who pay the price in this case are the children,” he lamented. “When a norm of creation that is so delicate is violated, the law should take interest in this field.”

Welcome to the making of the “super race” ala Adolph Hitler. With all the abortions, assisted suicides, and now selective births, it appears that we’re no better. God help us all.

Glad you said it first. This is eugenics run amok. Hitler would be proud.

So when will the Perfect Children rise up and overthow the world?

There is nothing wrong with the science. It is the lack of values that have gone awry.

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