Kids misbehaving? Scare 'em with these REAL monsters!


So, you need some fodder to get your kids to straighten up and you are not above scaring them. Well, here is some fuel you can use!

Horrifying Parasites Guaranteed to Overstay Their Welcome

I particularly liked the zombie crab. :thumbsup:

But what the Filarial Worms do is truly ghastly! :bigyikes:


I did Google image searches on all these.

DISGUSTING. First of all, in regards to the animals affected - I was SOOO grossed out.

Second of all, in regards to the humans affected - I was heartbroken. How awful for these poor people. :frowning:


I work in a microbiology lab, and parasitology is part of our job.

It’s fascinating, and yes, we do see quite a few of the parasites when immigrants move to our city and get screened by the Health Dept.

It is amazing to learn how many millions of people in the world are infected with parasites. Malaria alone infects millions of people. It is such a killer.

I’m not saying that we should abandon HIV or cancer or cardiac research, but it does bother me that we don’t do more to eradicate the various parasitic infections that literally keep so many millions of people in the world poor. When people are infected with parasites, they simply can’t work. Many of these infections can be wiped out by better sanitation. It’s very sad.


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