Kids & their funny behavior at mass


This thread has been done a few times, but I’d like to restart it because the posts are so funny.

Can you describe a funny, bizarre, or totally inappropriate behavior that your little one has exhibited at mass?

My son, when he was two years old, was throwing such a terrible tantrum at mass that I picked him up to carry him out. As I was holding him in my arms, he made a fist and smashed it into my eyeglasses! Forturnately, I still have my vision.

Take heart, moms! That “terrible two” kid is now a devout, 11-year old altar boy who loves serving at mass, is respectful about church and prayers, and takes his faith very seriously. There is hope!

God bless… - Rob in Oregon


sleeping at mass and then snorign really loud;)


Isn’t this thread suppose to be about kids?:wink:


As boring as some can be I have never fallen asleep:D


This happened when my daughter was 2 1/2:

It was Christmas morning and the entrance hymn was Hark the Herald angels sing. She had been watching the Charlie Brown Christmas video throughout December. After the first verse she threw her arms out and said, very loudly, “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!” It was pretty funny.


At Midnight Mass for Christmas Eve last year, my DH was holding my then-2-year-old daughter. After the opening hymn and while it was quiet and everyone was reflecting before (or was it after?) the opening prayer, my dd#2…ahem…passed gas for a long, loud period of time. It was definitely heard by the row in front and probably 3 rows behind us. She was sleeping, so didn’t realize it really…but it made DH and me giggle a little…even while we were embarrassed.



This is a story of when I WAS a child … I had a runny nose during Mass one Sunday, so Dad gave me his handkerchief. I blew my nose and then threw said handkerchief out the window next to us :rolleyes:

Of course I was sent outside to retrieve it, and proceeded to yell for DA-DEEEEE at the top of my lungs for a few minutes from outside the window … which abruptly ended mid DA- when he stepped outside and gave me a much-deserved spank.


Midnight Mass on New Year’s Eve in a totally packed church, standing room only in the aisles – at exactly midnight, my 3 year old son chose that moment to have an explosive tummy upset and throw up over everything in his reach!
Luckily I got my coat in front of him and managed to catch most of it, but still enough landed on pews to need cleaning up.
The nice thing was that everyone around was so kind and helpful, one lady even went to get paper towels, somehow. No one was angry at all.
Needless to say, we haven’t gone to New Year’s midnight mass since, I’m afraid to try.


I was on vacation at the beach and went with my wife to Mass at a rather large parish that catered primarily to tourists. I was sitting on the aisle and a mother and her daughter, about 3 years old, were sitting in front of us. The daughter was really sweet and having a cute conversation with her mom just before Mass.

“Mama, is this where God lives?”

“Yes it is.”

“But doesn’t he live at our church at home?”

“God is everywhere, sweetie.”

“So he came with us on vacation?”


“And he’s in our hotel room?”


“Cause he loves us?”

“Yes dear.”

So I’m thinking, that’s SO sweet, but the mom is trying to get her quiet now because Mass is about to start, but she’s trying to get a last few questions in.

"So, is he in our hotel room?

“Yes, he’s everywhere.”

“And even in the ocean?” (looking puzzled now)

“Yes, even in the ocean.”

The priest is now processing down the aisle. Just as he passes by the family, the little girl belts out, as if she’s just come to a revelation…


I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard in church! The poor mom was mortified!


When I was little we were at a solemn Mass (I’m not sure which one) and the Bishop walked in (I think there was incense) and I shouted out “Look mom, the Pope!”. I still remember seeing everyone around me laughing and feeling bad because I didn’t know why they were looking at me laughing. Gee, maybe I should keep that in consideration next time laugh at something funny a little kid says…

Anyways, my cousin was in my aunts arms in line for Communion and proceeded to tell the people around her: “My mommy drinks” (she meant receiving both species). My aunt was mortified.


My ds pooed in the aisle, and it actually fell out on the floor, as for some reason he had no underpants on!
I grabbed a tissue, scooped it up, put ds under my arm and ran out of that church like a whippet.
I think only one lady saw, and her look of disgust/horror is imprinted on my mind to this day.


I was standing there holding my 1 year old and we were at a point in the Mass where it was completly silent. The 1 year old passed gas very loudly. It was definately heard by many. Then my 4 year old proceded to say to me in a normal talking voice which was also heard by many “daddy say excuse me”. I couldn’t explain it was the baby, that would just cause even more distraction. It was quite embarassing.


You have no idea how much I needed to read this today. Thank you and God bless your family.


LOL!! Why do kids always wait until the silent parts of Mass to pass gas?! :smiley:


:yup: Its always the way. Althoug my nephew hasnt passsed wind YET he always seems to sleep when there is singing going on and for some reason when its dead silent burps so loud :o And I find it amazing during the consecration how he starts to babble to the ceiling and laugh and giggle, I put it down to him having a conversation with the angels and Jesus :thumbsup:


I just have to reply to this. I just returned to the Church this past summer, after years of being away. I brought my two-year-old son with me, along with a “distraction pack” that his father (not a practicing Catholic) had given to our son before we left.

During mass my son took out a book his dad had packed and was “reading” it to himself quietly. I was just grateful that he was being quiet. Then during the consecration the priest said, “Jesus took bread, broke it, gave it to His disciples and said…” At that very moment Aeddon, nose in book, said very loudly and clearly, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” I giggled myself silly and later told his dad in the future that I would pack anything we needed to bring with us.:slight_smile:



:rotfl: That’s great.

My son has always had a great love for the crucifix and his first word was “Jesus”. One day at mass, when my boy was about 10 months old, we had to sit farther back than usual. This is a temporary church building and we were right next to the utility closet where the first aid kit is kept. During the consecration, as usual, I whispered to him, “Look honey, there’s Jesus!”

…whereupon he fixed his gaze lovingly on the First Aid kit sign (+) on the closet door and called, “JESUS!!!”


Daily Mass was over and the priest was shaking hands with those who were filing out. Mother and 3 YO son came out, priest shook the Mom’s hand, but son didn’t want to shake hands. Instead, he stood in front of the priest and made a solem sign of the cross in blessing. Give the kid another 20 years and ya never know . . .


Earlier this week, my son was behaving so well and I relaxed my guard. He then yanked my shirt up to blow bubbles on my tummy to disturb his brother. He loves watching my skin move and thinks it is so funny to feel kicks. I turned so red. I had to take him out for a few minutes to calm him down after I wouldn’t let him do it. He behaved the rest of the time, too.


I go to mass at the Catholic Student Center at UMD, so we don’t have kids there that much. However, one time a student brought her 5 year old niece with her, and you know when the priest is done with his homily, he’ll sit down and wait a few seconds after he starts the creed? Well, Father sat down and there was silence, then the little girl said very loudly to her aunt, “WHAT’S NEXT?!” And then Father jumped up and said “The creed!” You could here audible giggling during the first part of the creed.

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