Kids who have lost their way


Last night at our parish teen’s meeting we found out that one of last years members is now in a rehab center. She will be there for a couple more days…without going into to much detail she left the group and the Church after she graduated and has made some very poor decisions since.

My brother also left the Church when he graduated (in fact they both graduated from the same school in the same class) and has made some poor decisions. He was involved with the pot-smoking crowd for awhile and for all I know he still is. He is also allowing himself to accept a lot of bad philosophies and ignoring God. I fear he is setting himself up for a similar fall.

Please keep them in your prayers.



join you in this intention


Praying for your intentions , may God guide and help them to take good decisions , to keep the right path in life .
God bless !

Our Father…Hail Mary…Amen


Praying very hard for them!


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