"Kill Your Baby at Home"


I guess the blessing is that even abortion “doctors” are seeing the truth of what they are doing. However, man always finds ways to keep on sinning.


Abortion rates in Italy are going down because a majority of ob-gyn don’t perform abortions due to moral objections.


I wish it were so, but the numbers of reported abortions are down perhaps, but not back alley or abortions outside the scope of medical care.


Just opinion. You have no data backing that up.


Probably the reported number of abortions is going down because of increased use of abortifacient “at home” drugs. An aging population will also have an effect.


Maybe people got better at not getting pregnant? Whether abc or abstinence (including not seeking romantic relationships) less pregnancies is the likely a leading cause.


Some polling does show a lot of the public supports at least, some restrictions on abortion. So, there is that too.


no more than the opinion of F_Marturana, who’s comment I was addressing…I missed the Forum Rules about not being allowed to state opinions hear :rofl:


I was summarizing articles I’ve read on the subject. It wasn’t my opinion.


No worries…I wasn’t casting doubt on you, merely pointing out to our friend, that your post was no different than mine because an absence of references or data makes articles you may or may not have read just opinion, with no more credibility than mine.


Stop making stuff up, because it sounds good in your head.

Abortions are likely down in Italy because demand has been steadily dropping.
Perhaps use of contraceptives is improving as well as non-surgical pill route.


normally an opinion is stated as such, and not as fact.


Just as speculative as my comments.

You have presented no proof to you claims, other than a graph.

It amazes me when some people hear things that upset their paradigm, they get their skivvies in a twist.


I clearly indicated mine were opinions, then supported my opinions.
Obviously you don’t have to agree with my reasoning, but I didn’t present it as fact, LIKE YOU DID.


The article seems to give a very disjointed argument.

The decision to allow women in England to take the second abortion pill at home is nothing to do with a shortage of providers. The woman in question still has to go to a clinic to be given the first pill to end the pregnancy. The decision regarding the second pill was simply that it does not seem necessary to have a woman make a second trip to a clinic, a day later, to have a vaginal pill inserted when she can do that at home in her own comfort.

Also, if we are getting technical, the first pill that IS taken with a doctor is what ends the life of the foetus. The second pill (that women can now take at home) just passes the pregnancy. You’re not ‘killing your baby at home’, you’re killing it when you take the pill in front of the doctor in a clinic or hospital - there has been zero change in this procedure.

Women in the UK currently have around a 2 week wait for abortion on the NHS, the majority of which are early pregnancy and do not require any surgical intervention.


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