Killer decapitates Va. Tech student

I can’t believe such horrible things can happen. Very sad.

Father in Jesus’ name have compassion on her family and on the families of victims of any kind of barbaric murder. Please have mercy on the souls of the dying murdered.
Father no one has the right to spoil or to take the life of any of Your children who are gifts of You creative love. Whever possible please prevent those who may kill from getting out of control, please let them be recognised and realigned in their thinking so that they don’t go ahead with their crimes.

This is something I never get? How come he didn’t show any compassion/mercy for when the woman was slaguhtered? Or during the previous Tech incident when (32 I think it was) people died?

Anyway, pretty messed up…

It’s the oldest question in the book. How come He let His own Son die a miserable, painful death on a cross? All we can do is pray and hope that somehow, someday it will all be clear.

Truly sick.

I understand what you’re saying, but let’s not change the issue of the thread here.
For more information on your question try philosophy or the apologetics sub forum.

You might as well ask why evil exists. :coffeeread:

I will pray for this young victim and question how someone could do such violence against someone else. It had to be a crime of passion to elicit this heinous crime. My hearts go out to the students, faculty and family of Virginia Tech who still are struggling with the violence of not so long ago.

If you go to Virginia Tech’s website, they are trying to address this newest unspeakable crime on their campus. Give strength to the first responders and the counselors who are there only to help the student body.

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