Killing animals that are pests


Buddhists in Thailand are expected to meditate in humid conditions and ignore mosquitos which bite them. Not allowed to kill a living thing.
I used a mousetrap to kill a mouse last night. It is the first time I have had to do it. He was destroying some of our possessions by gnawing through. It was a grisly find to see the dead mouse in the morning. I still feel a little sick. Then burying it in the back yard.

Sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind?


I will kill as many pests as I can! I’ll even kill plants if they’re causing trouble…


Glad I’m not Buddhist!!

You’ve got a softer heart than me. Kill all the pests!!


I am going into hiding…


I see a mouse!!


I have no problem eliminating vermin inside or outside, bu won’t harm the other wildlife.


But I have a pest reputation on here?


Gun toting Americans did come to mind, to be honest :slight_smile:



So that is how Americans get rid of cockroaches and mice in their house? :slight_smile:


Then you two must get along swell. :laughing::rofl:


This is an accurate depiction…


I can imagine a standoff between you and the petunias in the backyard.


Yes, but not for a mouse. Well, maybe a six foot, radioactive, mutant mouse.


I’ve been having problems with a group of four radioactive turtles in my yard. Think they might even have a mutated rat with them…:thinking:


that word makes me feel a lot less guilty now


Have you tried bringing them pizza as a peace offering?


That was a good idea…but now they won’t leave! :rage::laughing:


A couple of months ago, we think our cat caught a mouse and killed it in our garage. My husband found it, dead. A few days later, another. Then my husband heard something in the wall one night. About 3:30 am I got up to get some water. When I came back, the cat had left me a mouse (dead) right where I had stepped out of bed earlier. It was his gift to me. :wink: Luckily, my son was up and heard me whining, and came and got it! He and my husband went outside with flashlights to find out how they were getting in. There was a hole where the electric came into our house and we guessed that was the spot. I gave them steel wool to cram in there for the night, and the next day, I cemented it up. Haven’t seen a mouse since.

So Ron, go out and look around and see how he got in and seal it up!


It is amazing, they get through the smallest holes.

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