Killing Children

Greyhawk of Mudville Gazette on who we’re fighting and who we’re fighting for.

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Our opponents are scum from the lowest dregs of hell.

At what point America do we ALL fully get on board with the war that we must fight and win?

I couldn’t even read the whole article it sickened me so.

We all need to recognize that evil really does exist in our world. It isn’t something that is just talked about for 1 hour on Sunday mornings, nor is it a philisophical debate. It is real, and our brave soldiers are facing it every day. Real, tangible, horrible, evil.

A suicide car bomb was detonated on Wednesday near a group of American soldiers who were distributing candy to children in a poor neighborhood here, killing as many as 27 people, about two dozen of them children, and wounding dozens more, government and hospital officials said.

The attack, which also killed one American soldier, caused the single highest death toll among children since a similar incident last September when a pair of car bombs killed at least 34 children who had gathered around American troops during the inauguration of a sewage plant in western Baghdad.

The explosion on Wednesday in the predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad al-Jedida provoked a scene of bloodshed and grief. Women dressed in black wailed and slapped themselves on the chest and face in a ritual of deep sorrow as bodies were placed in crude coffins and carried away.

Deep sorrow. How could anyone justify such attrocity?

[quote=FightingFat]Deep sorrow. How could anyone justify such attrocity?

The Wahabist sect of Islam literally views the everyone in the entire world as divided into two camps: God’s and Satan’s. Those who are in Satan’s camp are enemies in a literal war, and, therefore, merit death.

The justification is actually quite simple. Chilling evil usually is.

– Mark L. Chance.

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