“Killing in the name of God is an aberration. But insulting religions is wrong”

Every religion has its dignity.


Not sure what your point is, and what the Pope’s comments have to do with Fox News. It was Charlie Hebdo, not Fox News, that was insulting religion. In fact, Fox News would not show the insulting cartoons.

Okay, good story but what’s Fox News have to do with this? It’s not even a Fox News link.

Nothing, the OP just has an axe to grind, and, like most people with an axe to grind, they will inject it into every conversation regardless of how irrelevant it is.

For the record, killing in the name of God is certainly no “aberration”. It has happened repeatedly throughout history.

I don’t think that word means what you think it does. (Unlike educated Fox News watchers who would recognize that the word you actually are looking for is not “aberration” but “abomination”.):wink:

“An aberration is something strange that rarely occurs. An example of an aberration is when the temperature hits 90 degrees in January — it’s nice and warm, but it’s really strange.”


Fox rocks. What’s your point?

That because Fox has been hardline about radical Islamic terrorism, a distinction that all of the on-air personalities are careful to make, that Fox is somehow anti-Islam?

You need to listen to Fox more often. :yup:

I agree with everything the Holy Father said in that interview
Except about the ST Bartholomew’s day massacre.
Thos guys got what they deserved

Maybe Pope Francis misspoke then, or was misquoted? But it was an abomination, even if it was an aberration.

…or mistranslated. :shrug:

You need to view this act relative to the number of times it does NOT happen.

Killing in God’s name is VERY rare, considering the vast numbers (billions) of people who manage to live their faith lives and never even dream of doing such a thing.

…then there is also the distinction between the very rare cases where someone was actually being commanded by God to do that and those where someone is merely claiming
that’s what they are doing. How many people blasphemously use God’s name to deceitfully justify their own ungodly deeds?

The editors of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo have announced that they do not want the support of the Catholic Church in the wake of a massacre at their offices in Paris.

In an editorial published in the first issue following the killings, the staff of Charlie Hebdo poked fun at some of the public figures who had joined in shows of public support. The editorial said:

What made us laugh the most is that the bells of Notre Dame rang in our honor. We would like to send a message to Pope Francis-- who also was Charlie this week: We will only accept the bells of Notre Dame ringing in our honor when it is Femen who make them ring."
(Femen is the radical feminist group whose members have staged topless demonstrations in several European cathedrals.)


Please explain.

It is called humour.

Insulting another’s religion is where we go wrong when people come here to challenge us about Catholicism and we react without charity. The Holy Father is right.

Ah, I see. Thanks.

A top-rating talk-back radio drive time show in Australia told audiences that Pope Francis said he would punch someone in the face if they insulted his religion.


Did Jesus speak with charity when addressing the scribes and co ?

This is a dangerous line of thinking. You run the risk of falling into the trap of equating yourself with God to excuse acting without charity.

Priests, bishops, and even the Pope, all speak with charity in public. Since this is a public board, it seems that we should be charitable, if we follow the leaders of the Church. Any overturning of tables, metaphorically speaking, should be best left to God Himself.

I do know what you mean, and agree 100% with you. But I meant it with a view of being a witness of the living God, through my faith. I’m sure millions also do.not me/or others being God.

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