Killing Jesus - Bill O'Reilly

Has anyone read this and if so, could we get a quick review? Is it antithetical to Catholic teaching?

He was being interviewed by the Today show this morning about it. I watched as much as I could stomach.
My opinion, and it ain’t pretty.
First, the idea that Bill (DO IT LIVE!!) O’Reilly can write anything outside of a grocery list is laughable. My guess is, like so many other “celebrity authors”, it was ghost-written. I’m sure he read it so he didn’t look completely clueless in the interview.
Second, to have this pro-war, pro-torture…individual, write a book on Jesus, to me, comes very near to blasphemy.

So you haven’t read it?

no sounds like just spewing liberal talking points

A year or two ago, Bill O’Reilly published a book, I believe called “Killing Lincoln.” In that book O’Reilly referred to Lincoln’s being in the Oval Office (physically, not as a metaphor for the presidency). Of course, the Oval Office wasn’t built until the early 1900’s. With that as precedent, and given Mr. O’Reilly’s lack of scholarly or theological credentials, I have my doubts as to his latest book.

Let me start off by admitting, no I haven’t read it, and by adding that I will never read it…but I haven’t read any pornographic novels, including 50 shades of gray, and I am still quite comfortable that I can speak against them despite not reading them.

And let me add, right up front, that neither am I a fan of Mr. o’Rielly.

With those disclaimers, and having only heard his 60Minutes interview about the book, here is my objections:

He claims it is not a book on the religion associated with Christ, but only a history.

I’m sorry, but my faith tells me that try as we may, the divinity of our savior cannot be separated from his humanity, the Church, centuries ago codified Christ having two natures, human and divine.

And, his claim that writing the book was an inspiration by the Holy Spirit (a claim he made several times in the 60 minutes interview) on several levels does not ring true in my heart or mind.


:eek:When I listened to him make the claim that this book was written because the Holy Spirit intervened, I fell out of my recliner and laughed so hard that I lost breath! Some human beings have very high opinions of themselves!!

It sounds like nobody that has post has read the book or is a fan, of any kind, of Bill O’Reilly. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are SO CORRECT!!!
Can’t. Stop. Laughing. :smiley:

CHUCKLE! :rotfl::rotfl:

I have not read it, but Mr. O’Reilly has made it quite clear that this book is an historical, and only historical account of the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. It makes no religious claims whatsoever, it is not that kind of book. There is no religious teaching, only verified historical facts, if the facts could not be verified, then they were not included in the book, even if tradition says something different. His other two books are quite good and I am looking forward to reading this one too, but I am reading it because it is a history book not a catechism.

Doesn’t sound like anyone has read it yet.

But it doesn’t seem to stop people from telling what an awful book it is. :rolleyes:

I haven’t seen that anyone has stated “what an awful book it is.” What I HAVE seen is that a number of people - myself included - have questioned Mr. O’Reilly’s credentials, motivation, and historical research track record regarding this endeavor.

I would rather be waterboarded.
Oh wait…

He’s a cable news guy, yes? Don’t got cable, know nothing about him.

But I will say that people who claim to be doing a purely historical investigation about Jesus are almost always lying. Nobody cares about the merely natural circumstances about a 2,000 year old blue collar kid who turned preacher on a purely historical basis. It’s precisely the RELIGIOUS nature of who Jesus is and claimed to be that makes him still news 2,000 years later.

Go ahead and read it, but in the immortal words of Captain Kirk: “Shields UP!” Somebody’s selling something, mark my words.

I am the furthest thing from a liberal and I don’t need “talking points”.


He mentioned that in the Today interview.
Probably throwing a bone to the evangelicals.

From what I have heard of Evargelical reaction to the book, I had thought I was on one of their boards. Oh by the way, Bill O’Reilly says that he is Catholic. :cool: :shrug:

Years ago when I was evangelical myself I would hear things like what O’Reilly claimed. “The Holy Spirit told me ________”, or “God has called me/ given me a burden for (insert upscale, upper middle class part of town)”.
It’s the height of arrogance.

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