"Killing Jesus" movie?

“killing Jesus” the movie.

Your thoughts?

I thought it was done well. As per the title, the focus was on the thought process of those who killed Him.

The setting was done beautifully, as was the selection of those who played the main roles.

Having read the book, I was not surprised that the miraculous aspects of His life and death were factored out. The author had said this was done because he was not writing a religion book.

Apart from that, there was one egregious departure from Scripture that I found bothersome (no spoilers will be used).

Well worth the time to see it, especially as it doesn’t cost money. The addition of an “epilogue” during the final credits describing the fates of the principal personae was a good touch.


I’ve got it DVR’d but not watched it as yet. The cast drew me in but then I found out whose book it was partially based upon and his interview on the World Over with Raymond Arroyo where they discounted the ability of Jesus to speak while on the cross on purely human capability criteria, makes me less then suprised that there was no (according to reports) depiction of the divine nature of our Lord. To be fair, I will watch it asap and see if my suspicions prove correct.

I found it interesting. The first half was uninspiring and the second half more captivating. There were certainly parts of it that I thought shed some light on the story in a good way. For example, the holy family’s journey to Egypt. I honestly haven’t thought about how difficult the journey would have been without modern technology and the heat of the desert; I found that eye opening.

Knowing the book was not theological, and supposed to recount the authorities reasons for killing Christ, I wasn’t taken back by the unbiblical parts of the movie, like many I saw on social media. I think the film did a good job of accomplishing its objective. This didn’t have the same purpose of the “The Passion of the Christ” and I think that is ok. It will at least get people thinking, who otherwise would be apathetic to the story. I really enjoyed the artwork during the credits, very beautiful stuff.

I like Bill O’Reilly, but I don’t like the way he added things that are completely different from the Biblical writer’s accounts. For one, Judas buying the rope from a shepherd boy for the 30 pieces of silver, left me scratching my head & saying "where did that come from? Peter cutting off the servants ear & Jesus not restoring it, was another.

I’ll stick to the Bible and even “The Passion of the Christ” for accuracy & enjoyment.

I taped it on DVR and started out watching it but found it boring and uninteresting. About five minutes into it I turned to find something more interesting. I switched back to it twice during a commercial to see if it was more interesting but in five minutes switched back to what I was watching. The little I saw seemed to me to be nothing more than opinion and fiction. I will eventually watch it all or at lest most of it by fast forwarding over the boring parts.

I have read Killing Lincoln, and listened several times to Killing Kennedy and Killing Paton on DVD and loved them all. So I was excited about the movie Killing Jesus but it just seemed to fictitious and did hold my interest.

I read the book and found it interesting, I found the movie to be misguided, boring and definitely not Catholic.

I like Bill O’Reilly. A lot. I like the books I have read of his so far. I have not read Killing Jesus yet.

:blush: I could not get into the movie. I disliked the casting for the most part, especially “Jesus.” He may be a terrific actor elsewhere, but I kept having to remind myself he was supposed to be Jesus. That said, I found the movie dragged and I really did not find it to be of interest. My husband watched it, but I ended up falling asleep before it was over…

Don’t take Bill O’Reilly’s commercial products too seriously. Those interested in the life of Christ can do no better than Pope Benedict’s 3 volume series on the life of Christ: Jesus of Nazareth.

Paul, I know you are referring to the book, but I actually kept comparing this Jesus to the one that was in the Jesus of Nazareth movie. To me, Robert Powell was wonderful in that part. Jim Caviezel was of course, excellent in The Passion as well.

I believe the move is of the literary genre historical fiction. it is similar to the tv series “sons of liberty” wherein the writers imagined how the American revolution came about. just as in “killing Jesus” they put words in to the mouths of historical characters. these words are completely fictional. I believe it is to be emotionally evocative more than an appeal to the intellect. and of course, like most fiction, it was written to make money.

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