Killing Lincoln: O'Reilly's book uncovers mysteries

Egad! Bill O’Reilly’s interview on Jay Leno regarding his co-authored book, Killing Lincoln, revealed Lincoln’s son, Captain Robert Todd Lincoln, was squiring John Wilkes Booth’s flame. And reprised is Secretary of War Stanton’s withholding of Booth’s diary for two years which, when made public, had Nixonian gaps present–18 pages missing. This book should mesh nicely with the recent film, “Conspirator” about the trial of (Catholic) boarding house keeper, Mary Surratt, along with other conspirators in Lincoln’s assassination. Or it may be more accurate to say the documentary included with “Conspirator” meshes nicely as the movie glosses over the mayhem after Lincoln’s shooting and Killing portrays a rather sanguine Mary Todd Lincoln, for example, when she was wailing inconsolably to the point of having to be removed. Killing Lincoln will be revised, presumably, when the DNA comparison of known Booth family DNA and the sample from the man killed as Booth is finally revealed. Many assert the cabal continued, and believe the real Booth escaped to a life in Calais, France, having been spotted there by his brother, Edwin, and mother. One may note that Edwin Booth had, some time before Lincoln’s assassination, saved the life of Robert Todd Lincoln when he was jostled under a train platform, Edwin Booth having jerked him up to safety. This is shaping up to be an informative book that is not just for Republicans.

Here’s the Amazon link to director Robert Redford’s “Conspirator” about the trial of Mary Surratt and her co-conspirators in the Lincoln assassination. It’s a two disk set that includes a documentary that includes the picture of Booth at one of Lincoln’s speeches. Good match with O’Reilly’s Killing Lincoln.

I’m sure that this will be an interesting story.

One thing that embarasses me as a Catholic myself,
is that the known conspirators in the Lincoln Assassination were,
in fact, with possibly one or two exceptions, every one of them Roman Catholics.
So was this a CHURCH-approved assassination??? I would never believe such a thing.
But Booth, Dr. Mudd, Mary Surrat, I could keep going down the list, all of them Catholic.
Plus, Booth had been an admirer of (again Catholic) Confederate States President Jefferson Davis. And the pope at the time, perhaps having been grossly misinformed, was sympathetic to the Cause of the SOUTH. It has even been said that Pius the Ninth, perhaps not grasping how the institution cruelly “worked” in the southern US, even replied that slavery was not against the Natural Law. (( I wouldn’t slander a pope, I don’t take such slanders of holy men lightly.)). So with all this going on, added to his and the Surrat’s own personal loathing of Abe Lincoln personally, Booth may have ((wrongly)) felt that the Church would approve of him taking-out President Lincoln, which could have salved his conscience in advance of his committing the cowardly deed in Ford’s Theatre that night,
as could, possibly, the fact that Lincoln, for all his genuine virtues, was a Freemason, and the Catholic animosity toward Freemasonry ((and vice-versa)), was much more intense and widespread in the 19th century than it is today. Back then, the Church and many Catholics believed (not without good reason) that the Freemasons were out, not merely to “limit” church influence in politics, but to outright DESTROY the Catholic Church. And some of them at least, certainly hoped to be able to achieve that very thing, and wrote about that hope.
Another interesting thing is that Mary Surrat’s son, after the assassination, fled from the authorities and ended up in one of the personal guardian/personal armies type of thing, of the Pope, a largely ceremonial group of uniformed men ((not the Swiss Guard)) — I think it’s called a “vizier” but I could be dead wrong about the name of the organization, because it’s been years since I read about it (from well-documented source). I even saw the picture of him in his official papal-organization uniform, taken years after John Surrat had fled the USA to avoid being charged in the conspiracy.

The Booth family, and not just John Wilkes-Booth, by the way, was a very well known family in New York, especially in the Arts scene (John Wilkes-Booth was a well-known and respected professional actor). Broadway’s BOOTH THEATRE, in fact, is named after that family ((NOT after John Wilkes Booth himself!!!)), I have been told.
One thing is for sure: I do not, not at all, condone assassinations, as I am sure that everyone on these Forums ALSO condemns such horrible things. So I hope that we never, ever again have raised before our eyes the Ugly and scandalous specter of
an assassination carried out by a group of CATHOLIC anti-government fanatics like happened in the Lincoln Case. I was horrified to learn that Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh had been raised Catholic. I thought sure that the media would have made a BIG HULLABALLOO about THAT, but thank the Lord, they didn’t.
Love to all,

Surrat was a member of the Papal Zouaves. Then there were the Knights of the Golden Circle, a secret society bent on effecting Aaron Burr’s annexation of Mexico and the Caribbean. This was a kind of proto-KKK, I think. Then there were the Freemasons proper, and Confederate Col. Albert Pike, who compiled one of their definitive tomes, is the only Confederate to have a statue in Washington, D.C. Here’s a contemporaneous account of alleged sightings of John Wilkes Booth, and include: Booth’s declaration that Mary Surratt was innocent; he got out of trouble in Mexico as being Catholic; Col. Albert Pike’s shock on seeing Booth; and Booth’s assertion that high-placed officials were involved in his killing of “the best man that ever lived.” Well would Booth have mourned Lincoln’s death as his policy towards reconstruction was to have been much gentler than that which ensued.

I think one Catholic-ish connection might be the enmity between African slaves and Irish Catholic immigrants, the latter having sparked a riot amongst slaves as offering to take LOWER than slave wages for a day’s work. Slave wages was a dollar a day. One modern elitist pseudo-Catholic movement that declares the southern slaveholder as the elite class of America, and Confederate General Robert E. Lee as the paragon of racial perfection, is Tradition, Family & Property/TFP; this from their book The Nobility and the Traditional Elites (of America). They also operate as America Needs Fatima; and a splinter group is Tradition In Action/TIA. TFP was condemned in their founder’s country of Brazil but has spread internationally.

There are lots of disreputable Catholics because, obviously, there are a lot of Catholics. The interior formation must match the external discipline of good education and conformity to expected behavior that is externally imposed. Hitler and Stalin had Catholic formation. A troubled Robert Hanssen, the OPUS DEI-affiliated spy, cannot erase OPUS DEI’s role in financing John Paul II’s liberation of Poland from Communism. May the Holy Spirit unite and guide all Catholics in serving the divine will.

Thanks for that very informative post just above!!! Excellent points.

May God make me into a GOOD, HOLY, RIGHTEOUS (not merely “just”),
I think one reason God has dealt so severely with me lately was that I was one
of those super-bad sinners who harshly condemned OTHER sinners.
I have since learned not to do that. Even though for example I believe that
Ted Kennedy was a defiantly, evilly-defiant, modernist Catholic, I still pray that
God granted him at least IMperfect contrition on his deathbed, a good confession, and absolution. I don’t want the man to burn in hell. Or anyone to, for that matter.
At one time, though, and for a very long time in fact, I did.
I have since become by God’s grace (and SCARY discipline) much more merciful.
There are probably some on these forums who read some of my more-recent posts
and probably think that I condone immorality, sin, crime, etc. I don’t. Not at ALL.
But I do NOW really believe in leading people to repentance, not harsh punishments.
I learned the hard way that Jesus MEANT IT when he said,
By the Standard by which YE judge others, YOU YOURSELF WILL BE JUDGED.
So if I, or anyone else, is so conservative, so to speak, that we advocate
“throwing the book” at other sinners, and say things like “let them rot for what they did,” and stuff like that, that He, JESUS, most certainly WILL deal with us with the SAME DEGREE of harshness, **instead of **the mercy we all want, but sometimes don’t want to extend to others whose sins we **personally find **more repugnant than our own. Because THEIR SINS in many cases call for far less temporal punishment, according to the Laws of GOD, than our OWN forgiven sins do. (( i.e., a woman who bilks the welfare system for thousands of dollars is a thief. God’s Law commands, judicially speaking, only that she return what she stole to the best of her ability, and seven times over if she can. But we call for her to be locked away for decades for it. When some of OUR forgiven sins, according to God’s law (such as adultery, fornication, blasphemy) call JUDICIALLY for the Death Penalty to be imposed on us without fail by the authorities.
Now, WE, SURELY, don’t want THAT. But we wish something really harsh on people who sins, in God’s eyes, though serious, are Far LESS SERIOUS than our OWN.
No matter what we may think or “feel,” we CANNOT, lawfully (under God), be that way.
And if we ARE, we need to knock it off, or He will bring harsh punishments on US, and not just in the NEXT life, but in THIS ONE TOO. Count on it. I now know it for the fact that it is.

It’s true that there are lots of disreputable Catholics cuz there are lots of Catholics.
It’s also because us Catholics are all, even after baptism, STILL sinners prone to wrongdoing. If we fail to have a good, active prayer and devotional life, we WILL fall back into wrongdoing. But even disreputable Catholics can and often DO, repent.
I wonder how many Croatian Catholic supporters of the evil, 1,000,000 people-murdering USTASHI government of the 1940s deeply repented of their support of those mass murderers before they died. I hope they all did, because the Ustashi were really horrific, and they were, ALL OF THEM, Catholics at least by birth, and even boasted of it.
In fact, their targeted victims of their massacres were the Eastern Orthodox Christians living in Croatia of Serbian ethnic extraction. They were so brutal that even the freaking NAZIS were horrified by them and told them to tone it down.

As for the Lincoln Assassination and John Surrat and the Zouaves, thanks for providing the correct name. I remember the picture of him in that Uniform.
I did NOT KNOW that America Needs Fatima was affiliated with a pro-slavery elitist organization. I get emails from them asking me to sign (very good) petitions all the time.

I knew that TFP was controversial, but didn’t know that they were actually disreputable, they seem very straight laced (but a bit too harsh sometimes).

Tradition In Action has sent me many letters after I naiively made a small donation to them quite a few years ago. I find them to be, frankly, schismatic. They appear to reject the current popes, so I have stopped communicating with them (though I do pray that they will repent and be saved).
God bless you!!!

That’s because it’s not true. Do you really think that good priests like Fr. Levis would support them if that was the case?

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 9/8/2007:
“Ruth, I can’t endorse TFP and its major apologetic current apostolate, America Needs Fatima, too highly. The organization began in Brazil,had some difficulty with its Cardinal at that time. All that is past history. I do all that I can to encourage the TFP. God bless you. Fr. Bob Levis”

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