Killing of animals versus killing of unborn humans

Regarding the recent story of a dog-killing, at: ,shouldn’t there be at least an equal amount of coverage on the outrage of killing unborn human beings, at least once in a while, somewhere in the media? I asked about the disparity of coverage in a comment section to this dog story but did not generate much interest from others in discussing abortion (at: ). Still, I think it is one way to raise awareness about the evils of abortion and how these evils are seemingly ignored by many people. A similar situation existed when the NFL player was caught in dog-fighting scheme.

There is so much outrage about cruelty to animals but sadly, we hardly hear a peep from news organizations about the evils of killing unborn human beings.


Because they do not consider it evil. They consider it a ‘blessing’ and ‘holy work’ (to quote someone newsworthy from another thread).

Abortion is murder and the abuse of animals is sickening. Because one opposes one does not mean they believe the other is acceptable.

If they oppose the greater evil of abortion, then they should say so *at least *as often as they say they oppose the lesser evil of cruelty to animals.

I do speak out against abortion more often. I also know of non-Christians who believe we need to provide shelter and food to the homeless, but that abortion should remain legal. Being right on one issue doesn’t always make you right on another.

Just like being a Catholic doesn’t mean a person opposes abortion.

Although it should.

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