Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint

Poor girl. I know a lot of people do not approve of her but nobody deserves to be a victim of violent crime. The only good thing about this story is she wasn’t physically harmed (psychologically is a different matter sadly).

I thought she was heavily guarded. Where were her bodyguards?
What do the hotel security cameras show?
Why wasn’t this jewelry put in a security safe?
How was she able to untie herself?

I completely agree. All the comments on social media are really vile. As James Corden said, she is a wife, mother and daughter. No-one deserves to go through what she did.


About violent crime. I know these things happen when you let your guard down. I didn’t read the news, but it goes to show that it can happen to anyone. That is one of the reasons my daughter has 3 guns. She hasn’t said where she put them, but only that things are so crazy, she wanted to protect herself.

The people who perpetrate violent crime should be locked up and the key thrown away. My sister who was a police officer knew that every day she went out on the job could be her last day. Forgive, but don’t turn your back and walk away. They might just shoot you.

By the way, in Arizona, you are allowed to carry a gun. I saw a guy at the grocery store with a gun in his holster. Very Western…very wise.

The comments may be vile, but I doubt they are as vile as the comments in this video. :frowning:

Comments make my lose my faith in humanity.

I read an article today that said the gang might have been able to track her location due to some instagram pictures she posted. They might have been able to guess whicj hotel due to its unique architecture.

I’m glad she was not harmed and that the babies were not with her.

I have an autobiography of Sophia Loren. A similar incident happened to her in the 1970’s when she was visiting New York to appear on an award show. She had been on a morning talk show, and naively told the interviewer that she would be wearing expensive jewelry that was on loan. Her son was with her, and the thieves threatened her son.

I agree. No one deserves to be the victim of the crime.

Robin Givhan, fashion critic for the Washington Post, grappled with the lack of compassion. Her conclusion is that most people do not experience Kim Kardashian as a real person, but as a character.

Kardashian does not seem real. Every part of her life — fertility struggles, pregnancy and marriage — have been in the public domain. She seems less a person and more of an idea, a personality, an icon, a scourge, a curiosity.

Almost all celebrities spend some part of their lives grappling with how they will deal with the public. Many will only really turn up when they have a project to sell. Their promotional interviews are peppered with a bit of personal chit-chat that gives their fans a sense of their personality. Thus are they humanized. Others manage to simply live their lives, their presence at the local school or coffee shop so ordinary that for the most part they cease to turn heads.

Kardashian helped to pioneer a new kind of celebrity — one whose job is fame. One who is omnipresent but untouchable. Glossy, air-brushed. Perfectly imperfect…

The reaction to the Kardashian robbery has, in many quarters, been unkind. But that’s not because people don’t have empathy for a woman, a mother, a wife. They just don’t have empathy for a hollow brand.

And in the process of building her significant wealth and fame, it’s the brand — not the person — that people know.

Very happy she was not harmed and I hope they catch the robbers and she gets her jewelry back.

The incident doesnt make sense to me, where was all her security during this time? Where were her children, why no mention of them at all? We are just supposed to believe 2 random guys got away with close to $5 million worth of jewelry despite the fact she has a large entourage surrounding her? LOL

I have seen a lot of cruel comments on the news sites, but in reality why is she really famous, what has she done? As far as I can tell they only became popular because of their parents, mother was an Olympic athlete and more recently the father had a connection to the OJ simpson trial, I think that is what sort of springboarded them to celebrity status, it had nothing to do with anything they had ever done.

I think she has one bodyguard with her and he was out guarding the sister Kourtney.

How did she get loose or did someone find her in the bathroom.?

A lot of security experts are saying that not having people in the lobby of the building and outside the entrance to her room/suite was insane (and that’s it’s by luck that she wasn’t harmed). The whole thing really doesn’t make any sense.

One thing that may come from this (aside from the K’s having proper security) is that celebrities may stop posting their every thought/deed/5MM ring on Instagram and the like. Security experts are also saying that by doing this, they are putting targets on their backs

There are also some stories stating that this was in inside job. Who knows at this point.

I don’t “follow” Kim on any social media, but it seems daily on the internet she is posting pictures of herself scantily clad. In this day and age, she might consider needing more than one bodyguard. I certainly don’t wait around for the next Kim Kardashian selfie, evidently a lot of people do. She certainly seems to find herself attractive.

These people have many many people with them, wherever they go, its not just one or two guards, they have personal assistants, drivers, managers, ‘handlers’, etc.

Im thinking there is more to this story that we do not know.

The value is also relative, to them $5 million is not that much and is easily replaced, it would be similar to one of us getting mugged and having $100. stolen, its alot of money, but not THAT much.

I heard it was $10,000,000.00.

Her body is really the reason why she is so popular imo. Personally though, I do not find her that attractive, she looks too fake.

The first time I heard the story, the value was $4.8M, but I bet next week it will jump to $15M. lol

If the reports are correct, she was bound, gagged, and had a gun pointed to her head… I don’t think the relative value of the jewelery matters.

Sad but true commentary. She dehumanized herself.

She did dehumanize herself, but it’s also that every moment of her “reality” show is scripted and presented as being genuine. Because of that, people are thinking this just another part of the script.

Old news; she was robbed of her shame a long time, IIRC.

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