KImberly Hahn's parents?


Are they Catholics?




I don’t believe so. I thought both she and Scott came from Protestant, fairly anti-Catholic homes.


I was wondering if they became catholics???


I think that they are Presbyterian. Kimberly Hahn’s father was a Presbyterian minister, and he was the one that introduced Scott to Pope John Paul II when Scott first came into the Catholic Church and met the Pope.
I have never heard that they had converted.


As I remember:

Kimberly’s father is an Epicopal Bishop, he intoroduced Scott to the Pope when an ecumenical group of religious leaders met in Rome to discuss the evil of pornography in the world


Kimberly’s Father is not Catholic, but very Catholic Friendly. He spoke last year at Franciscan University on the dangers of Pornography.


Yes I read about that. I am sure that Hahn’s association with Fransican University played a part…

Pornography is a terrible sin that plagues our society placing children and families at great risk and harm.

We had a deacon a few years back that discussed addiction to pornography and the harm it does to society.

Also, I remember seeing a picture of Pope John Paul II, the Episcopal Bishop [that I understood was Kimberly’s dad] and Scott Hahn…

Scott was a Presbyterian Minister…an earlier post sadi Kimberly’s dad was presbyterian I am sure he is very high in the Episcople Church…


From this website, Scott Hahn says:

My father-in-law, the Presbyterian minister, inviting me to meet the Pope? I said, “Yes.” So last January I not only met with the Pope in this small group, but I also was invited to join him in his private chapel for Friday morning Mass at 7:00 a.m.


Thanks, perhaps in the picture I saw of the Pope meeting Scott Hahn with an Epicopal Bishop nearby was not Kimberly’s dad and I made the wrong assumption that it was…Guess we should not make assumptions as the old saying goes…

Thanks for the correction/clarification and the link


You’re welcome.:slight_smile:


does anyone remember the prayer that Kimberly's Father told her to pray for the Grace to say? I can't remember what it said exactly, it was a very meaningful prayer though as I recall.


It was something like "Lord, I will go whereever you want me to go, I will do whatever you want me to do, I will say whatever you want me to say".


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