Kind of a personal question about joining a church


I been thinking about converting to Roman Catholic from Episcopalian. My husband is Roman Catholic and I also have a friend who is.


Not sure I can see a question there, but if you are considering coming home to Catholicism, simply have a word with your local Catholic parish priest and ask what the path for you will be. Typically it’s an RCIA course and you would be received at Easter, but the timescales aren’t set in stone.


Did you delete the personal part? Kidding.

I would not recommend converting for your husband and your friend. I stayed AWAY from the Catholic Church for my husband and my friend (sister-in-law), and I have never been so miserable, until I came back home to the Church. If you see something that draws you, then that’s a different matter; but once you’re Catholic, you’re Catholic. It’s a beautiful, wonderful, holy, difficult path. You shouldn’t walk it for someone else’s sake.

Read Scott Hahn’s Rome Sweet Home, and Steve Ray’s Crossing the Tiber. Talk to you Parish Priest. Best of God’s blessings on you.




Haha, what Hoosier said.

But seriously, it is a very good thing you are considering converting. I would say read Rome Sweet Home by Scott Hahn and listen to the Journey Home radio program at EWTN’s website or look up the videos on youtube. There are some stories of converts from Episcopaleanism and many other backgrounds. I found them very helpful when I was converting to Catholicism.

It is very important to learn to view religion as obeying God’s will and His commands. God loves us and wants us to be in communion with Him, and that is why he gives us the Church and her teachings, the scripture, and His Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer and die for our sins, and to resurrect for our salvation. Study the Church and learn the teachings, why the Catholic Church teaches what it does, and approach conversion prayerfully.

God Bless!


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